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November 7, 2018

Moving to the Florida Keys: What you need to know

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The Florida Keys have a lot to offer new arrivals.

The Florida Keys are one of the more tropical locations accessible in the mainland U.S. This island paradise is beloved by its residents for the climate as well as a laid-back attitude that is unique even among the many beaches across the Sunshine State.

Although they're on the very edge of easily navigable land in the country, the Overseas Highway connects all the Keys from Largo to West and allows for ravel in and out of mainland Florida. That means moving to the Keys is possible with traditional, over-land transportation of your belongings. If you're considering moving to this island paradise, keep that, and the following guidance, in mind.

Aerial view of a bridge connecting two keys.Despite being a series of islands, the Florida Keys are joined by a modern road system.

What is life like in the Florida Keys?

The picture painted of the Keys is one of warm temperatures, relaxation and carefree attitudes. This is generally the case in day-to-day life on these small, sandy islands, and is a defining feature of life in the Keys. While all of those attributes are in plentiful supply in the region, the population engages in a variety of economic activity, just like the rest of the country.

The Keys have roughly 73,000 inhabitants, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They work in industries ranging from tourism to fishing and fine arts, not to mention the many types of businesses and government services found in towns across the U.S. (like grocery stores, gas stations, hospitals and schools).

The climate features warm weather year-round, which means there's little need for movers to hold onto cold-weather clothing unless they plan on taking trips to cold locations or moving back to somewhere much colder on the mainland. This is definitely something to consider when you start packing for your move.

A major location-related pitfall is the potential for hurricanes and the damage that comes along with them. The power system in the Keys is hardened to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, according to local public radio station WLRN, but the force of a hurricane can create a number of other potential dangers. Being careful when choosing a place to live in the Keys will suit you well - don't be afraid to find out how a given house or apartment has held up to hurricanes in the past.

With that said, if you enjoy warm - and, in the summer, very hot - weather, sandy beaches, clear night skies, a focus on ocean-based recreation and a local culture with a decidedly relaxed approach, the Keys may be the perfect destination.

What to consider when moving to the Florida Keys

A move to the southernmost point in the country is, perhaps surprisingly, not that complicated. Well-maintained roads allow access to all the Keys, so even a full-size moving truck can confidently navigate them. Although you will have to take the expense of the move into account, that's no different from moving anywhere else in the country.

What you'll bring with you may be the most unique part of the move. As already discussed, the warm weather means there's little need for winter clothes. If you're heading south from a far northern state, especially during wintertime, you should make sure you have some climate-appropriate clothing with you. Otherwise, the move-in process can become extremely uncomfortable. You'll want to make sure anyone else traveling with you, and especially kids, elderly people and pets, can be protected from the heat when necessary.

Beyond the heat and the travel, there aren't too many unique considerations to make. One thing to keep in mind is that any home you move into will likely need a good air conditioning system - if it doesn't have one already.

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