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May 10, 2018

Moving to Mexico: What you need to know

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Moving to Mexico? Use this guidance to help start you on your journey south of the border.

An international move is a major, exciting change for many people. Whether you're considering heading south to Mexico because of an employment opportunity, a chance to retire in a new environment or something else entirely, preparing for your move is a critical part of a successful one-way trip. Let's look at some of the most important considerations related to moving to Mexico to ensure you start off on the right foot.

Understanding Mexico as a country

"Mexico is an exceptionally large and diverse country."

Perhaps the most important thing to recognize about Mexico is its sheer size. With more than 760,000 square miles - putting it among the 15 largest countries in the world - under the control of the federal government and the 31 constituent states, Mexico's large area contains a variety of climates, cultures, economies and traditions.

The incredible number of options means you'll need to do plenty of research if you're moving to Mexico for retirement, adventure or similarly leisurely pursuits. Make sure you scout out potential areas for relocation and learn as much as possible about your options before committing to a final decision. If you're headed south of the border due to a job offer, you won't have to worry about finding the state that best suits your needs - you can instead focus on learning more about the city or town where you'll live.

Transitioning to a new language and culture

Mexico is similar to the U.S. in the sense that it doesn't have an official language at the federal level. Where it differs is in the widespread use of Spanish, the language used by a very strong majority of businesses, government officials and individuals. Corporate relocations frequently involve accommodations for those who aren't native or otherwise proficient Spanish speakers - whether through translators, working with large groups of English speakers, language lessons or a combination of the three.

Moving to Mexico otherwise means you need to start brushing up on your Spanish skills, especially if you decide to live far away from major urban centers. Although Mexico plans to encourage English language education to produce bilingual students over the next 20 years, many adults you'll interact with after you arrive may not have conversational English skills. To adapt to your new home, you'll need to start picking up the language.

Migration concerns for moving to Mexico

A long-term or permanent move to a new country requires a lot of paperwork, review of legal policies and time to make sure you select the best options for your individual needs. Those headed to Mexico for a corporate relocation will have the assistance of their employer in assembling the necessary documents, which makes the process significantly easier. The Spruce pointed out the many visa choices available for those planning on heading to Mexico for an extended period of time, including the FM3 non-immigrant, long-term visa and the F2 immigrant visa, which eventually offers a path to permanent residency and citizenship.

Keeping your belongings safe with professional movers and packers

No matter why you decide to head to Mexico, you need to make sure the possessions you bring from the U.S. stay secure as they travel many hundreds or thousands of miles from your old home to your new one. Atlas is proud to offer international moving services for both personal and business relocations, including attractive options for relocating to Mexico. As you work through the many needs related to your upcoming international move, take the time to learn more about relocating with a recognized leader in the industry.