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August 27, 2018

Moving to Hawaii: What you need to know

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Moving to Hawaii? keep this advice in mind.

Moving to Hawaii sounds like a dream for many people. Between the beautiful landscape, warm year-round weather and laid-back attitude of the Aloha State, it's easy to see why.

If you're interested in moving to Hawaii, there are some important points to keep in mind to make the journey as positive and productive as possible:

Bringing your belongings will take some time

A move to Hawaii is very different than one between two points on the mainland. Not even the most experienced movers can drive a truck across the Pacific Ocean, after all. You need to take the increased time and cost of a move into account as you begin to make plans.

Some people will find it easier - and less expensive - to sell or donate items that are easily replaced, while bringing along certain pieces of furniture, appliances, heirlooms and other belongings that are move valuable or unique. As you seek out quotes from moving companies, make sure they take the unique needs of this move into account.

The U.S. flag and Hawaiian state flag, flying side by side.Moving to Hawaii can be a success when you take certain unique needs into account.

Hawaii is especially strict about pets

Due to its location and past efforts to control and eliminate the rabies virus, Hawaii is entirely rabies-free. While responsible pet owners make sure to have their dogs, cats and other vulnerable animals vaccinated, Hawaii has some stringent procedures related to keeping its islands safe from this dangerous disease.

Quarantine periods of as long as 120 days are possible if a pet doesn't meet the state government's requirements for faster entry through the 5 Day or Less program. Make sure your pets are compliant with these rules, and don't be afraid to reach out to the State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division for more information.

The weather is much different than the mainland's

Hawaii is often called a paradise, and the weather plays a big part in that. The lows during the coldest months of the year very rarely dip below 60 degrees on any of Hawaii's islands, which means you simply won't need to bring the bulk of your winter clothing. While you may want to hang on to a few things if you plan to vacation to colder climates, you won't have much use for a heavy down jacket or a stack of thick wool sweaters while in your new home.

It's also important to point out that Hawaii has an overall casual atmosphere. You can find people in traditional business suits and other formal wear, but many businesses and even the state government will regularly conduct business in more relaxed attire. Aloha shirts - which are the predecessor to the more garish Hawaiian shirts seen on the mainland - and simple khaki shorts or pants can be formal enough for a large majority of your needs.

Finding a good mover is crucial

A long-distance move like this requires knowledgeable, dependable movers and packers to help you make the trip. Get in touch with Atlas today to start planning how you'll get to the Aloha State.