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April 14, 2017

Moving safety: Keeping things in control for your movers and family

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Keeping needed medicine on hand is an important consideration during a move.

A safe move is a happy move. Making sure your belongings are packed up safely and that everyone in your family has the items they need during the move are crucial considerations. How can you make your move safe and successful? Check out this advice:

Keep some things close by

"How can you make your move safe and successful?"

Whether you're making a cross-country move or traveling to your new home across town, there are some things you'll want and need to keep close by. One important consideration is medicine: If you or a family member needs to have easy access to a prescription in an emergency or has to regularly take doses of a given medicine throughout the day, you need to ensure quick access to it. In general, we recommend carrying any needed medicine inside the family car, as well as other valuables like personal documents, jewelry and personal electronics.

There are other, similar considerations to make, too. Do your kids have a favorite toy or prized possession they can't bear to be without? Don't let it get packed up and out of their reach. In the middle of a book you can't put down? Keep it close by so you can take a little time for yourself after a long day of moving.

Pack safely

Atlas's experienced, professional movers put any concerns about safely transporting your possessions to rest. When you have Atlas pack up your belongings before hitting the road, you can be sure your possessions are safe and secure from the get go. If you decide to pack up yourself, make sure to wrap fragile items in protective material, limit the overall weight of boxes to prevent breakage and refer to our list of non-allowable items to understand which things you need to transport yourself.

Plan ahead

The last problem you want to deal with on moving day is getting lost or turned around on the way to your new home. Make sure you have the right address information and that you share it with your movers. It's also a good idea to double-check directions ahead of time, especially for a long-distance move or one involving many twists and turns on the road. Writing down the directions is a good fail-safe plan, just in case your map app or GPS unit decides to stop working at the most inopportune time.

In the end, the best thing you can do to keep your move safe and in control is think things through before the big day. Plan ahead, and you can keep the entire process going forward smoothly.