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May 10, 2018

Moving locally? Tips and tricks to keep costs low

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A local move doesn't have to be expensive.

There's no doubt a local move can be more manageable than one that takes you across the U.S. or to another country entirely. When you stay in the same town or move to the next one over, it's easy to make several back and forth trips. Whether you need to personally carry non-allowables to your new home or want to take measurements to make sure an exceptionally large piece of furniture will fit inside your new front door, you can make the most of being so close to you new home.

Despite the close distance, however, the cost of a local move can still add up. Use this advice to keep the price tag low and build up some savings, whether you want to sock it away in your bank account or use it to spruce up your new home.

Lightening the load before your local move

"Keep the costs of your local move low by hosting a yard sale."

Part of the cost of a move relates to the distance traveled, which means you have that aspect well covered. However, the number of items moved, as well as their weight, also play an important role. To avoid unnecessary spending, lighten your load. Sell, donate, give away and otherwise recycle things you don't need.

A yard sale is a great place to start. You can swap belongings for cash easily and use that money for your moving fund or something else entirely. If you then move on to donations, you can still reap a reward - a tax write-off that will come in handy. Use this guidance from the IRS for more information on making sure you can count your donations as part of your tax return.

Booking your move away from peak times

Have you ever found a great deal on a vacation by booking your trip during a traditionally less-popular time for tourism at your destination? You can save money on moving in a very similar manner. Instead of booking your move on the weekend and the beginning or end of the month, look for dates that work for you during the middle of those times. A weekday move during the second or third week of the month can yield significant savings.

The exact amount you'll save depends on where and when you move, but you're better off from a financial standpoint in the great majority of cases when you follow this advice. Best of all, because you're moving locally and not across the country, you'll have more flexibility. It's not too difficult to rearrange your work schedule or take a single day off when you know you can be back on the job the next day.

Working with the right moving company

Some movers might not want to take a local job, or will only do so when you pay very high minimum amounts. Atlas takes on local and long-distance moves with equal aplomb, so you don't have to worry about finding a high-quality industry leader to help you move. By working with reliable movers and packers from Atlas and following these tips, you can have a successful local move on a budget. Find your local mover today!