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January 14, 2022

How to Move Your Car Across the Country

Reviewed By: Phil Wahl, President & COO, Atlas Logistics - 30+ Years in the Moving Industry

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How to Move Your Car Across the Country

Figuring out how to move your household goods to your new home is challenging enough, let alone needing to move your vehicle too! We don’t realize how inconvenient something on wheels can be until it’s time to pack up our belongings and relocate hundreds of miles away. If you are moving locally, either across town or to a nearby city, this might not even cross your mind. But if you’re moving from New York to Idaho or from New Jersey to North Carolina, you will inevitably find yourself wondering, “How can I move my car to my new home without driving it?” The answer is simpler than you might think, and moving companies have plenty of experience with tackling this problem. At Atlas Van Lines, we help people relocate across the United States every day. Learn from the experts how to move your car to your new home.

Auto Shipping

What is auto shipping? If you’ve ever passed a trailer carrying two stacks of cars down the highway, then you’ve seen auto shipping at work. Auto shipping is a safe and sound way to transport vehicles across long distances. National moving companies use open-air trailers for auto transport every day. During this process, vehicles are ratchet-strapped securely to the trailer and tied down so that they can be moved without a driver. You can also expect your battery to be disconnected in order to protect your car and others. 

How to Find Auto Shippers

While auto shipping is typically a service on its own, moving companies also offer this service to help consolidate and streamline the moving process. Rather than spread your resources between multiple companies, you can pay an additional fee to have your car professionally moved across the country by an interstate moving company. This comes with the added benefit of improved coordination, so you can rest well knowing your car will arrive just as your personal belongings are ready for your new home. 

Moving Companies with Auto Shipping

Moving companies like Atlas Van Lines® not only provide certified movers and packers, but also offer experts on moving your car across the country. With a robust network of local Atlas movers located across the United States and North America, we have the ability to provide excellent customer service and attention to detail where it matters. We are equipped with a system of warehouses built to securely house your car between its origin and destination. Partnering with Atlas gives you the power to keep track of every element of the moving process, from your home to your car. You are paired with an expert that works with you every step of the way so that you always have a familiar name and face to reach out to for questions or concerns. 

If your home isn’t ready yet, there are options for storing your car in transit. We pick up and drop off your car from door-to-door, eliminating additional stress from your moving process. We routinely move motor vehicles across the United States, including specialty vehicles like off-road vehicles, custom cars, antique cars, motorcycles, and more.

Alternatives to Auto Shipping

The most common alternative to an auto transport service is to drive the car yourself. This can be a solid option for large families or people with friends looking for a fun road trip. However, choosing to move your car yourself is not only an additional stressor, but can subject your car to additional wear and tear that is otherwise preventable. Depending on how far you are moving your vehicle, you may also have to account for overnight expenses like a hotel, gas, and food. Moving your car across state lines yourself can also be a major time commitment and may not be ideal if you are relocating for business on a narrow timeline. 

Find a Full-Service Moving Company with Auto Shippers

At Atlas Van Lines®, our goal is to help you go new places® with ease. We keep the moving process simple so that you can focus on preparing for the next journey in your life. Get your move started today with a free quote or get in touch with an Atlas moving expert at 800-638-9797.