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August 21, 2017

Making the most of a small move

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Small moves are still a big deal.

If you're going from apartment to apartment, you may have heard the trip called a small move. Even though an apartment, condo, suite or similar unit has less square footage and usually contains fewer items than a full-sized home, there's nothing small about it from your perspective.

Sometimes, these moves can be more difficult to manage than traditional ones, especially when it comes to finding movers willing to work with you. Atlas is proud to offer targeted assistance for these moves, meaning you receive the same level of service no matter the size of your current or future living space.

Small moves can be a big deal

"There's nothing small about this move from your perspective."

You may not have a dozen rooms in your home or a basement full of boxes, but you still have plenty of belongings you want safely and securely transported to your new residence. You may only be moving a few miles across town, but getting everything from point A to point B is still a big job. How can you make the most of the situation and work toward a successful and efficient move? Consider this advice:

  • Get organized early on: There are fewer items overall to worry about during a small move, but it still takes a good amount of time to create a plan, organize and safely box up or otherwise secure all of your possessions. Don't leave things to the last minute. Instead, do a little packing each day in the weeks leading up to the move to reduce stress. Alternatively, consider working with Atlas's own competent and professional packers - not only do they do a top-notch job, they save you from having to do all that work.
  • Find the right partner: Finding a moving company that is both willing to handle a small move and provides great service can be a difficult affair. Atlas offers services for this type of move with the same high standards and proven results seen in every other successful move. Learn more about our small move-specific efforts.
  • Be ready for your arrival: Your movers help you throughout the process, so you need a plan for where things should go in your new home. Instead of having boxes piled up in the entryway or living room, you can cut down on the work needed in the days after the move and spend more time enjoying your new place.