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August 31, 2015

Make your move more eco-friendly

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Help save the planet by making your move more eco-friendly.

In today's society, the term "eco-friendly" tends to get thrown around a lot, but most people are unaware of the great strides many industries have taken in recent years when it comes to going green. The moving industry is one of those fields, and Atlas Van Lines in particular has been one of the leading innovators in implementing eco-friendly technology and practices to assist in everything from reducing carbon footprint to conserving energy through state-of-the-art electronics and vehicles. Take a look at how using Atlas Van Lines can help you go green with your move, as well as learn some eco-friendly tips to include in your relocation procedure:

Eliminating paper and ink

One of the biggest ways companies can adapt to more environmentally sound strategies is by cutting down on paper and ink usage. According to ForestEthics, North Americans consume more paper per capita than any other continent on the planet, with the average citizen going through more than 500 pounds of paper every year. This is not only a primary factor for forest destruction, but also impacts several other environmental issues, ranging from air pollution, contamination and using up non-renewable resources.

Atlas Van Lines was first honored in 2008 with the John Biasini Environmental Excellence Award, and was specifically noted for its efforts in reducing its overall paper and ink usage. In one year, the company was able to reduce printed documents by 21 percent, resulting in saving more than 1 million pages. To this day, Atlas takes many steps to ensure paper and ink isn't wasted, including installing computer and satellite systems in moving trucks to eliminate paperwork, printing on recycled paper and recycling all paper products used. 

"Our trucks use the latest hybrid technology and biodiesel fuel."

Saving energy

Going with a moving truck agency that utilizes the latest hybrid technology and biodiesel fuel can help you feel even better about your move. There are several ways Atlas Van Lines continues to lead the pack in offering more eco-friendly options for customers to move, including:

  • Using the first diesel-electric hybrid truck in the moving industry.
  • Installing solar panels at agency locations to provide renewable energy.
  • Incorporating more use of biodiesel fuels for moving trucks.
  • Utilizing auxiliary power units to support on-board systems without idling.

Using biofuel-powered moving trucks is a main point of emphasis for Atlas Van Lines. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, using biofuel can benefit the environment in everything from reducing air pollutant emissions to minimizing waste disposed in landfills to sewer systems to improving the quality of local water systems.

Make your move greener

While choosing to go with a more eco-friendly moving company is the first step toward making your relocation process greener, there are still plenty of steps you can take to ensure you're doing your part for the environment. Rather than going out and spending money on new boxes, try to use reusable plastic bins as a container for your possessions. Using things like bubble wrap or crumbled newspaper can also be a waste of paper. Instead, you can purchase biodegradable polystyrene accessories that can still provide the same amount of security and cushion for more delicate items, while being completely recyclable. 

Another way to cut down on packaging costs while also helping out the community is going through your belongings to determine what you really need to bring along with you and what can be donated somewhere else. The fewer items moving with you, the less paper you'll use for moving, and giving back to others who are less fortunate feels just as good as helping save the planet.