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April 9, 2020

Major appliance repairs and maintenance for new homeowners

  • Tips and tricks

If you're a new homeowner, major appliance repairs can be daunting. Here are some basic maintenance tips and words of advice.

Which appliances need your attention

Here are our top easy tips, categorized by appliance. This advice is intended to help you get more use out of the big-ticket items in your home while allowing them to operate efficiently.

Kitchen sink

If you have a garbage disposal, it can periodically get clogged and odors can build up. Make sure to safely clear blockages before they become a problem, and freshen up the disposal from time to time with half a lemon.


As was mentioned recently in a Washington Post article, if your refrigerator's coils get clogged by household debris, it will decrease the device's operating efficiency. Periodically clear away buildup from the coils.

Oven and stovetop

Writing in the Huffington Post, contributor Steve Ash shared some advice for maintaining ovens and stovetops, and more.

Take a look at your oven's seal to make sure it's tight, intact and properly functioning. If not, you'll lose heat from your roast and let it seep into your house.

Also, be sure to regularly clean or replace the filters in the hood or vent over your stovetop to prevent dirt from accumulating.

Heating and cooling systems

You don't want to breathe in dirty air, and old filters clog up the heating and cooling process. Make sure to replace or clean air filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

Washers and dryers

There's a lot you can do to extend the life of your washer and dryer while preventing expensive mishaps.

You're probably already used to cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer after each load.

As for your washer, check for leaks in the hoses and replace them as needed. Water damage is definitely not something you want to deal with as a new homeowner!

There are also a couple major appliances in your home that we've mentioned before. Make sure to prioritize maintenance for these devices, too.

Water heaters

Avoid breakdowns by draining your water heater to clear sediment away every six months to one year. This will help you avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Garage doors

If you have a garage door, keep the opening mechanism clean and lubricated to avoid damage and malfunction.

A word of caution

Even if you're doing everything in your power as a responsible homeowner to keep your major appliances in good working order, you still may have to call in the reinforcements. Keep this advice in mind when you're considering repairs.

Know when to fold 'em

Nothing lasts forever. As a homeowner, you need to keep track of how much you spend on repairs. Once you pass a certain point, it makes sense to replace old hardware in your house. Newer appliances add to the value of the home, and they may save you money on your utility bills.

Watch out for scams

Reports from the Better Business Bureau shared by news organization WHNT in 2019 advised consumers to be wary of online scams associated with major appliance repair. If you want to reach out to a manufacturer for service, don't fall for fake online ads or phony websites. Keep your owner's manual and refer to the service options and customer support channels listed there.

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