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April 6, 2020

Inexpensive home organization ideas

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We all know that clutter tends to accumulate. Before we realize it, we seem to be submerged in stray objects and struggling to find essential items.

It's no wonder that household storage is a big business. A 2018 article in The Washington Post estimated that professional organizers typically charge between $80 and $140 per hour.

Before you shell out your hard-earned dollars for a professional consultation, embrace your next move as an opportunity to put things in their place on your own - in an affordable way.

These inexpensive home organization ideas are designed to help you set your house in order from move-in day forward.

Triage old junk and repurpose the containers

As you start packing to move, you'll undoubtedly come across some things you just need to get rid of. Whether you host a yard sale, donate these unnecessary items or wind up having to toss some old keepsakes in the trash, you'll surely find things that have outlasted their usefulness, and now they're just weighing you down. Your new home is an opportunity to start fresh.

At the same time, this might free up some old containers you haven't used in ages. Now that they're liberated from the outdated stuff they were holding, set them aside for repurposing in your new house or apartment. Keep a separate box for stray materials you're desperate to reorganize. Once you're ready to unpack, try to join the leftover containers with your odds and ends for a new organizational system at no added expense!

If you find yourself in need of additional storage during your move, we have options.

Get crafty

The above advice won't resolve all of your organizational woes. For instance, an old shoebox won't be suitable for storing your unruly assortment of home cleaning supplies.

For everything else, it's time to try out some do-it-yourself inventiveness.

Here are some surprisingly versatile - and inexpensive - household storage products, as long as you're willing to get creative.

Corrugated cardboard

It's strong, versatile, easy to work with and a snap to decorate. Use leftover boxes, especially if you have some that have are no longer sturdy enough for another move.

Cut them to fill odd spaces around your home that are currently accessible but unusable. You can reform them with super glue and cut out interior dividers from more cardboard, while painting them or covering them with wrapping paper.

Contact hooks

These things are a lifesaver, and once you start dreaming up new uses for them, you won't stop. Be sure to test out how strong they are first, and be careful if you're moving into a rental. You may have to remove them and paint over any damage they've caused.

Bargain products

For everything else, don't feel like you have to search for fancy, custom-designed solutions. Dollar stores and thrift shops can be great sources for creative household storage solutions. Look for containers that are simple, functional and easy to dress up in your own style, maybe with a festive ribbon. Drawer dividers are great for sorting all sorts of things - not just cutlery.

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