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April 8, 2019

How you can tell it's time to move

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Sometimes, a desire to move can be a fleeting thought, one based around an annoyance like an especially cold winter that's quickly forgotten when warm spring weather arrives. In other situations, the reasoning that motivates a move is much more substantial.

Whether it's a lack of space, growing dissatisfaction with a long commute or a desire to be closer to family, sometimes, you just know it's time to move.


A lack of dedicated storage space can mean you should seek out a larger home.

Your family has outgrown your home

Families change and grow in all kinds of ways. Everything from a new baby and children growing older and needing more space to a grandparent moving in can mean your current home simply isn't big enough. Conflicts over personal space and privacy can quickly tire you out, and practical considerations like how to split closet space and where to park cars can lead to family members feuding with each other. A larger house that better accommodates your growing family can easily lead to less stress and a more enjoyable living environment.

Your home is too big for your needs

This is the opposite problem of having too many people and not enough space. As your children grow up and eventually move out to pursue their own careers and start their own families, you may find you have too large of a home on your hands. Some extra space for guests is great, but too much of it can make upkeep difficult to manage. You may also not want to deal with higher property taxes and other costs that come with an especially large home. Moving into a space more suited to your current needs can make your house feel less empty and more welcoming, and you can always make sure there's an extra room or two for your kids and grandkids.

Your commute is too much to bear

Everyone has different tolerances for commuting. Some people simply like to have the time in transit before and after work to mentally prepare for the coming shift or decompress. But a particularly long or difficult commute can quickly become a source of stress that takes time away from family, friends, hobbies and other important needs. It can also become quite expensive when gas, wear and tear, car maintenance and other factors come into play. A move that brings you closer to the office is an opportunity to find a new neighborhood that suits your needs and add some quality time back into your life.

You need a change of scenery

There are always compromises to make when you choose a place to live. The weather may not be the best, for example, but you get to enjoy a spacious home close to your job with good schools nearby. As that balance shifts - you're in a good position to look for a new job, your kids finish up their time in public school - you shouldn't be afraid to look for a new place to live. A change, especially when it involves addressing something that you haven't enjoyed about living in your current home, can be very positive.

Getting the help you need for a great move

No matter what makes you realize that it's time to sell your current home and find a new one, some dependable assistance from professional movers and packers can make the process that much easier. Atlas is here to make your move as simple, low-stress and successful as possible, whether you're headed across town or the entire country. To learn more about what we have to offer, get in touch with us today!