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December 23, 2016

How to fold bedding before your big move [Video]

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Take care with lines and rugs to ensure they arrive safe and wrinkle-free.

When it comes to packing for that big move, most people would rather skip ahead entirely. That's especially true when it comes to preparing bedding and other fabric goods, which can be cumbersome. But fret not - packing these items away can be a real snap.

Always make sure your linens are clean, vacuumed and totally dried beforehand. This will prevent mold and insects.

For bedding and other linens, your best bet is to place everything in protective plastic bags. From there, place those bags into cardboard boxes with clean packing paper.

Rugs should always be rolled up. Place plastic wrap around the final rolled-up rug to ensure protection.

If you have curtains and drapes, consider using a wardrobe box for moving. These boxes are safe, and they'll prevent those annoying wrinkles.

Keep all your folded goods safe by hiring a professional moving service. Atlas Van Lines ensures safe arrival for everything you own, every single trip.