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March 13, 2015

How to Avoid Extra Service Fees with Your Move

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Looking to go new places® this year? Don't break the bank or stress yourself in the process. From three types of moving estimates to possible extra costs, Atlas experts share a few ways to avoid unnecessary services fees and moving costs:

Weigh the moving estimate.

Many moving companies provide online, phone, and in-home estimates. An in-home estimate is almost always the most accurate. By allowing a surveyor to visit your home, not only will it allow for a more accurate measure of the amount and types of items included in your move, it can also be a helpful resource in preparation for your move. The surveyor is trained to look for items that might cause your estimate to increase. Many moving companies offer estimating services free of charge.

Consider types of estimate options.

Types of estimates that moving companies offer include binding, non-binding, and Assured Price Protection programs. If you elect a binding estimate, regardless of the actual weight of your shipment, the surplus weight won't be charged to you if the move occurs within sixty days of the original moving estimate and no additional services are added. With Atlas' Assured Price Protection program, if the binding estimate was too robust, the difference will be calculated and you will pay the lower fee. A non-binding estimate, on the other hand, gives you a good idea of what the price of your move will be, but the actual payment is based on actual weight determined after loading.

Know the "extra services."

In addition to moving household goods, moving companies offer many extra services that they may charge for. Examples of these include customs services, full-service and custom packing, debris removal, crating, disassembly and reassembly charges for safe transport, rigging and waiting time. Shuttle service, bulky articles, and storage-in-transit can also rack up additional charges. It's important to know what's necessary and what isn't when it comes to reviewing your estimated costs. A reputable moving company will not perform a service without permission or consent.

Review and approve estimates.

It’s important to review moving estimates closely for red flags, small print, or extra charges before signing off. Know what was promised in your estimate and what the service agreement entails to avoid unwanted or unknown additions to your bill.