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February 1, 2016

How to adjust to your new office after a relocation

  • Corporate relocation
These tips will help you adjust to your new office after a relocation.

Corporate relocation can be hugely beneficial for companies and employees alike, but for employees, it's necessary to adjust quickly to the new city and office in order to reap the benefits. After you move, your first weeks at the new office are crucial. First impressions are lasting, so you must make an effort to hit the ground running, meet your co-workers, and develop good working relationships with your new supervisors. Read on for some practical tips to ease the adjustment to your new office after relocating:

Adjust your expectations

After a relocation, you have an advantage at a new office that you would not have on your first day at an entirely new job: You know the ropes. Because you are already a part of the company, you know what to expect to an extent. However, that does not mean your new office will function exactly the same way as your old one. Policies about everything from working from home to speaking to clients may differ in your new workplace, and the overall culture may be slightly different as well. Walk in to your new office with an open mind about these scenarios, and you won't be as thrown off by the disparities you notice.

Make the most of orientation

Although you will likely not sit through a full new-hire orientation, your new supervisors or human resource managers can schedule a few meetings and introductions to help you orient yourself in the new office. Make the most of this time. Learn as many names as you can, especially of those with whom you will be working most closely. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions - whether you need directions to the bathroom or help learning an office-specific policy, your colleagues will be happy to help.

Business people shaking hands after a meeting.Getting to know your colleagues is a crucial step in adjusting to your new office.

Avoid overstepping your bounds

Even if your new job is managerial, you should avoid acting presumptuous or high-handed on your first day. Remember that you want to build a positive and friendly rapport with your colleagues, so spend some time learning the ropes before jumping in and making changes or issuing orders. Asking questions and making an effort to understand the office's ins and outs can only help you become a better manager - and it will serve to build people's trust in you.

Arrange after-work happy hours

Of course, the professional aspects of adjusting to your new office will be your main focus. However, to find success and happiness in your new location, you'll want to build a social circle as well. Reach out to co-workers in the office, and see if you can set up after-work happy hours or outings to get to know one another better. You may need to make the first move, so don't be shy.

Make yourself at home

Just as you should fill your new home with comforting mementos and knickknacks, you should do the same in your new office. Bring in photographs, trinkets and anything else that will make the space feel more inviting. Believe it or not, this can go a long way toward helping you build your confidence and find your footing.