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December 2, 2016

How technology has transformed the moving industry

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From online resources to a series of apps, technology has streamlined how people move every day.

As technology has helped to redefine everything from the food we eat to how we watch TV, it's also had a sizable affect on the moving industry. The process involves not just a truck and a few movers, but rather an intricate network of systems and technologies meant to streamline the old mounds of paperwork and inferior methods of communication. It's not just the moving services who've adopted new technologies, but also customers who have become more savvy and effective in planning their move. The end result is a new way of life that's better all around.

"Technology has greatly transformed the moving industry"

Web power
Thanks to customers' increasing access to Web resources, they're more empowered than ever before. This allows them to to avoid the scams of old that plagued the moving industry and do business only with those most reputable providers. In addition to online reviews, customers have a whole suite of online tools to rely on, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website, which allows visitors to access the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System. By using the Company Snapshot option and providing a license number, customers can access a service's inspection record, operation classification, license status and other essential information.

New solutions galore 
The use of technology doesn't stop there, though. Once they're employed by patrons, moving companies then use new technologies, such as cloud computing and embedded software, to streamline the moving process. Part of that process is using data from previous moves to create new, more intelligent ways of interacting with customers. It's about using technology alongside a more traditional customer service experience, putting people at ease and giving them more insight and control into their individual moves. Not all companies excel with the use of technology, but those that do understand customers' need for a transparent experience

Leading the industry 
Atlas World Group is among those companies using technology in new and interesting ways. In fact, the company has been honored multiple times by InformationWeek 500. Among Atlas' many contributions is the AtlasNet Customer Manager (ACM) database. Here, agents across the country can interact in one shared system, accessing data and customer info in real time to speed up rentals and other services. Atlas representatives, meanwhile, have two apps in AtlasNet Survey and AtlasNet Inventory. The former is for surveying and estimating, allowing agents and customers to plan everything that will be moved and all the accompanying costs. The latter is for the actual move, helping organize and track customers' belongings while on the road.

A passion for life 
The many apps are only part of the commitment to technology facilitated by the most professional moving services. Atlas remains a leader, outfitting its fleet with 24/7 tracking devices that transmit vital data during the entire moving journey. And since customers can track this info on their end, it adds another level of the security and communication that people rely on during a move. That's ultimately what technology should do - remove stress and allow people to enjoy the promise of a new home.