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March 30, 2017

How specialty service companies bring value to your move

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The following blog content was contributed by Movers Specialty Service, an Atlas preferred supplier. MSS is a nationwide third-party moving service headquartered in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit their website.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, it’s important to consider how your specialty items will be prepared for transportation. The term “specialty items” can encompass many things, from your trusted washer and dryer, to your heirloom Grandfather Clock, to your one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. Proper preparation for transit handling at origin and coordination of corresponding services at destination allow for a more seamless move.

During your move survey, your agent will note any items that require crating or special handling and may call on a third-party, specialty service company, like MSS, to assist. MSS has an expansive network of certified, background-checked technicians throughout the U.S. and Canada that are qualified to perform the wide array of services you may need. This eliminates the trouble of appointing multiple providers (like an appliance company, clock specialist, and crating company, for instance) for each of these services. Limiting the number of companies involved in a relocation results in a more manageable schedule and less time spent communicating with multiple parties.
In addition to efficiencies in communication and logistics, MSS brings focused expertise to the complex items found in your home. While the majority of household goods items can be safely transported with the packaging materials used by your agent’s crew, custom built crates offer additional protection to your high-value or fragile items during transit. Other items carry their own set of challenges. Did you know that most front-load washers require shipping bolts to be installed in order to keep the drum stabilized and protected during transportation? MSS technicians come equipped with a working knowledge of the models available and the bolts to match. Other complex items that may require disassembly/reassembly services include exercise equipment, large furniture pieces (such as wall units), playground equipment, and gaming tables.
After 39 years in business, MSS’s primary goal remains the same: to make relocating families feel at home again.