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April 21, 2017

Getting your family ready for a corporate relocation

  • Corporate relocation
A corporate relocation can be more easily managed with this advice.

A corporate relocation can be significantly different than other types of moves, for a whole host of reasons. The offer of a new position from your employer in a new part of your state - or across the country - may or may not come with much advance warning. The city or town you'll move to may or may not be a place you've ever considered living before.

Because this type of move is unique when compared to many others, it's important that you and your family are prepared to adjust in the short term so everyone can benefit in the long term. Here are a few big-picture tips to help your family get ready for a corporate relocation:

A corporate relocation can be a major change for your whole family.A corporate relocation can be a major change for your whole family.

Keep everyone involved and informed

Hearing the news about a corporate relocation may be difficult for your family at first - moving away from friends and extended family isn't always easy. However, keeping everyone engaged with the move can help them adjust more smoothly. USA Today said having a discussion about the move shortly after it's confirmed is a good first step.

From there, make an effort to keep everyone involved. If feasible, bring everyone along to look at potential new houses, or simply make a trip to your new town before the date of the move. Encourage your kids to look up points of interest, opportunities to perform music or in theater, youth sports leagues, and anything else that ties in with their interests - and don't be afraid to help out or provide some encouragement. Look into some similar activities for yourself, too. Making your new home more familiar before you arrive can quell potential fears and even encourage some excitement for the move.

Make plans to stay in touch with friends and family

Not so long ago, staying in touch with friends and family across long distances was limited to phone calls and letters. Now, text messages, video calling, email and social media all play a role in keeping everyone connected.

Whether you want to keep in contact with family or your kids are bemoaning moving away from a lifelong friend, you can make the transition easier with all of these tools. Encourage your family - and yourself - to maintain these special relationships and set aside time to do so. As circumstances permit, you can also plan to make periodic visits to your old hometown and reconnect in person.

Corporate relocations are major life events, but addressing these two concerns can make it much easier for everyone involved.