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March 28, 2018

Getting the most out of a corporate relocation

  • Corporate relocation
Your corporate relocation can also be an opportunity to experience a new, exciting culture.

Corporate relocation is a common occurrence for working professionals in today's competitive global business climate. Whether your employer wants to move you across the U.S. or to a country on the other side of the world, a corporate relocation is a major change that has lasting effects for you and your family.

While the amount of time you'll spend in a new location is often limited, you'll have many months or years to experience your new, temporary home. Why not make the most of it? Atlas, the leader among corporate relocation companies, is here to offer some advice for getting the most out of your corporate relocation.

Meeting, learning about and enjoying your new home

"Large cities, small towns and communities of all sizes in between have something to offer."

Although you don't generally get to choose where you'll move as part of a corporate relocation, there's excitement in living somewhere you might never have considered going to yourself. Large cities, small towns and communities of all sizes in between have something to offer - if you know where to look. Consider these tips as you prepare for your move, with Atlas handling plenty of the heavy lifting.

Look into the fun stuff

You'll have new responsibilities to handle following your relocation, but one of the perks of such a move is your employer and relocation company taking care of many of the more complex needs. That means you have more time to learn about options for everything from fitness and restaurants to museums and nightlife around your new home. The internet is always a great place to start searching, with Google Maps combining reviews and operational info with a fully interactive map. There are plenty of other resources that can offer more in-depth details, from Yelp to TripAdvisor.

You may also want to start following the local news to get an idea of important issues in your new city, as Forbes suggested. Although not always focused on having fun, you can often find plenty of cultural, entertainment and restaurant reporting and reviews mixed in with the hard news stories.

Seek out connections

A new home doesn't have to be totally unfamiliar. You have a number of options for meeting people. Your existing life experiences are often a great bridge to connecting with a variety of new friends and acquaintances. You may want to see if any past coworkers have followed a similar relocation path and seek them out for advice and a little camaraderie. You can also look into alumni groups for your alma mater and booster clubs for your favorite pro and college sports teams. Many larger cities also have gatherings based on common interests - is a great place to start looking in larger cities.

Find something new

Whether it's a local delicacy, beautiful bike path or something else entirely, a corporate relocation is a great time to seek out a new experience. Even a move a few states away can yield interesting and novel people, places and things. Moving to a new country means there are even more options, from food and shopping to sports and performance art. Don't be afraid to try new things - and expect to come across a few you may not particularly like. Ultimately, though, you should find a cherished memory that you can bring home at the end of your assignment.