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August 28, 2018

City moving: Navigating the end-of-month crunch

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Keep this advice in mind to make moving to a city as straightforward as possible.

Whether you're moving to a new city or staying within the one you know and love, you may find it especially difficult to have a successful, pain-free move during the beginning or end of the month. This could be due to landlords scheduling many leases to end around the same time or, less commonly, city regulations about moving.

Whatever the reason may be, you can easily find yourself in some serious crunch time. So, the question is: How can you deal with thousands of others moving into, out of and throughout your city?

A view of a cityscape from far away.Moving to a city means making a few special considerations.

1. Work with your new landlord

While not always a possibility, one of the easiest ways to avoid the crunch at the end (or beginning) of the month is to make the trip to your new home before or after the busiest moving times.

If you know the unit you're moving into is vacant, get in touch with your landlord. Even if it's currently occupied, there's nothing to lose by checking if the current residents plan to move out early. If you can avoid the peak days, you don't have to worry about locking down professionals or a rental truck months in advance or navigating streets full of other movers.

Of course, if you're moving from a rental to a home you've just purchased, or from one owned home to another, you have more wiggle room. As you work to close on your new property, see if you can pick a moving date that works.

2. Schedule your services early

Whether you're planning a move yourself or bringing in trustworthy professionals to handle the heavy lifting, there will be a lot of demand if you're moving on a peak weekend. For that reason, it's important to lock in the services you need as soon as possible. As soon as you have your new home secured, get in touch with the expert movers and packers at Atlas. We're here to make moving as easy as possible for you.

Even if you plan to handle the move on your own, reserve your van or truck as soon as possible. You don't want to be left having to travel across town or into the suburbs twice on moving day to pick up and drop off a vehicle.

3. Scout your location

If you have to move during a busy time - and even if you don't - knowing where the truck holding all your worldly possessions can or can't be parked is vital.

Understanding parking restrictions is critical, and so is finding a clear path from the vehicle to your unit's front door. Check out the area around your new home before moving day to make sure you can get in and out efficiently and avoid costly delays. You can also get in touch with your landlord for more information - they should be familiar with local parking regulations and might be able to share suggestions that make moving in easier.

Moving when so many other people are going through the same process can be difficult. Get in touch with Atlas to make the process simple and effective.