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April 12, 2017

Boosting packing efficiency to make your move more manageable

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Using filler material to secure belongings inside boxes is vital to keeping your possessions safe.

Packing your belongings efficiently is a major concern no matter where you're moving or how you go about that process. Whether you pack your own boxes or use a packing service provided by your movers, planning ahead and organizing your belongings efficiently can streamline the effort. Let's look at a few pieces of advice to help you pack efficiently and make your move more manageable:

Packing your belongings with care is one of the most vital elements of a successful move.Packing your belongings with care is one of the most vital elements of a successful move.

Packing your belongings yourself

If you want to personally take charge of your packing efforts, be sure to keep the process organized. You can safely and securely store every fragile item and efficiently box up all of your other possessions only to run into trouble after you arrive if the boxes aren't clearly labeled and sorted. Consider packing your belongings based on the room they live in and labeling accordingly.

Why take the room-by-room approach? You can spread the work of packing across several days or even weeks, securing the belongings you don't frequently use ahead of time. That's not only efficient, it can also help cut down on stress. If you make a list of the items in each box, going room by room also allows you to make sure you know where things you'll need in the coming days and weeks reside. That means less time spent searching through boxes in your new home and a much lower chance of worrying over a misplaced item.

Safe packing is another important concern, both for movers and you and your family. No one wants to deal with a box that's too heavy to safely transport, whether it's on moving day or when you're repositioning things in your new abode. You also don't want anything to break in transit because it isn't properly protected.

Keep overall box weight at 50 lbs. or under, place heavier items at the bottom and don't skimp on packing material to secure the interior of each box. When your boxes arrive at your destination with the contents safe and sound, and you can easily carry them around your new place as needed, you'll thank yourself.

Using a packing service

Using a packing service takes much of the labor and planning ahead out of packing. Providing professional packers with just a few things means your belongings are handled with care, from the beginning of the moving process to its end. The biggest decision to make is whether you want packers to deal with all of your belongings or only some of them.

As professionals who regularly secure all sorts of belongings safely and securely, packers can offer peace of mind - especially when antiques, large items and especially fragile possessions are involved. As long as you plan ahead, they can also help you get out of a potential time crunch. Instead of dealing with the logistics of packing and moving at the last minute, you can focus on securing the relatively small number of items you need to carry yourself and start planning for your arrival at your new space.