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May 24, 2016

Apartment must dos before moving out

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Here are some apartment must dos before moving out.

You're moving out of your apartment - congratulations! Although this an incredibly exciting time, it also means there's plenty of work ahead of you. Here are some apartment must dos before moving out. 

Clean, clean, clean

You wouldn't want to move into a dirty apartment, right? The same goes for the future tenant of your old apartment. While you're packing, be sure to clean up the place too. Odds are your landlord will do most of the work once you move out completely, but it doesn't hurt to spruce things up a bit. That way, you can better assess any damages and see if there's anything you can fix up yourself so it doesn't get taken out of your security deposit.

Switch the bills

Before you move into your new apartment, you have to switch over all your utilities, including gas, electric, Internet, etc. Reach out to your respective providers to figure out all the logistics. It's necessary you figure all this out before the big day. You don't want to move into an apartment without electricity! Most companies allow you keep your utilities on in two locations - just in case your leases overlap, but be sure to cancel the old apartment as soon as you no longer need it. Otherwise, you're paying bills for amenities you're not even using (or worse, someone else is using). 

Return keys

It sounds simple, but many people forget to give their old keys back before moving into a new place. Be sure to contact your landlord to see how to go about this. Some building owners want to meet up, while others have the tenant simply put the keys on the counter before leaving. 

Forward your mail

Whether you're moving a couple blocks away or to another state, you want to make sure your mail is going to the right address. This is easily done online with a few clicks. Then, you won't have to worry about missing anything important.

Get security deposit back

You may have forgotten about that security deposit check you gave your landlord way back when you moved in. Be sure to follow up with him or her about the check so there is 100 percent clarity on what you want to do with it. Some people use it for the last month of rent while others just take it back once they move out. 

"Moving companies take the stress out of moving."

Plot your move

Moving your entire life is hard work. Some people simply do not have the time or ability to do it alone, and they don't have to. You can benefit from hiring a moving company to do the work for you. These businesses offer multifaceted services, from packing to loading the truck to transporting to unloading in your new place. Pick and choose which options are best for you - it might be just one or all of them. Moving companies are there to take the stress out of moving.