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January 14, 2022

Choosing Local Moving Companies

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A Guide to Choosing Local Moving Companies

Why Choose a Local Moving Company?

After arriving at the decision to pack up your belongings and move to a new house, you will also be faced with the choice between hiring a moving company or moving your belongings yourself. Several factors play into this decision, but perhaps two of the biggest factors are time and money. Each of these considerations comes with trade-offs. Moving companies may be more expensive, but they come with certified movers and packers, valuable expertise, and the equipment to ensure your belongings are transported safely, whether across town or across state lines. Local moving companies are not limited just because they have “local” in the name. In fact, many local moving companies belong to larger networks and provide the same nationwide moving services all while being run by your neighbors.

Local Moving Companies Across States

Local moving companies are equipped to handle both small moves as well as nationwide moves. Whether you are moving from New York City to Los Angeles, or only need to relocate down the street from your current home, local moving companies can be a worthwhile investment. “Local movers” sounds like a term for small-scale business, but these organizations have access to national and even global networks of resources to execute high quality moves. Companies like Atlas® Van Lines consist of local movers—Atlas Agents—who are dedicated to clear and friendly communication as well as attention to detail with the goal of making your move as easy and seamless as possible. 

How to Find Local Moving Companies
Finding reputable and experienced movers might seem overwhelming at first given how many options there are. Here are some of our tips for getting started:

  • Check out the reviews—Customer satisfaction is everyone’s top goal, but the promise doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t put into action. Check out local movers in your area with a quick Google search and see who pops up around you. From there, you will want to take a look at the customer reviews either through Google Reviews, Yelp, or even Facebook. This can give you some insight into a local moving company’s reputation, where they excel, and if they’re the right fit for you. This is also a good opportunity to check out the reputability of your top choice moving companies. Look out for professionalism and online presence as you are engaged with reviews. You can also verify a moving company by their USDOT number.

  • Talk to a representative—Local moving services have experts waiting to help. If you have a question about how a company can help, just reach out. Most companies have a “Contact Us” submission form or a phone number to call. If you browse a website and don’t find the exact services you’re looking for, you may find that the moving company has customizable services that can be made to accommodate your plans. 

  • Seek our expertise—Especially if you are moving locally, maybe from an apartment to a larger home, or are an individual relocating for a better job opportunity, it can be worthwhile to seek out expertise in the form of your nearest moving company. Where you live will determine how many local companies you have to choose from, but many of these movers have been serving their communities for upwards of decades. Many Atlas® movers are involved in local service events or are supporters of small business networks. If you have questions, they can point you in the right direction or may have the perfect moving package for you.

  • Compare rates—Most local moving services offer free quotes online or by phone. Shop around for quotes and see what each company has to offer. Always be sure to verify which services are offered for your quote price. Some moving companies are more flexible and scalable than others. 

Moving with Atlas® Van Lines

Atlas is a network of local moving companies located across the United States with certified movers and packers as well as experts who deal with tricky moves every day. We are dedicated to exceptional service, from moving supplies and tips to services including specialty item moves and storage in-transit. Let us help you build the perfect moving package. Contact us or call us at 800-638-9797 to get in touch with a moving expert or check out our website and find your local Atlas Agent.