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June 16, 2017

A big trip: Planning a successful long-distance move

  • Long Distance Moves
A long-distance move can mean lots of time spent traveling to your new home.

Moving is a complicated and intensive task, and long-distance moves can require that much more work. Of course, at the end of a successful move of many hundreds or thousands of miles, the sense of satisfaction can pay off in a big way. To make sure your upcoming big move is as positive as possible, here's some advice to take to heart.

Plan far ahead

"No matter the distance, a good move requires a lot of forethought."

No matter the distance, a good move requires a lot of forethought. When the trip to your new home takes you across a great distance, pre-planning is even more important. While it's easy enough to make an extra trip back to your old house if you're moving to the next town over, that's not the case when states or entire regions of the country separate you from your previous home. With the need for advance planning in mind, consider these pieces of guidance:

Get in touch with movers and packers early on

The earlier you reach out to moving and packing companies, the easier it is to choose the best date possible, set up in-home estimates, figure out the best course of action for handling large, delicate and otherwise special items, determine what the movers can't bring on the truck themselves and more. By getting this out of the way soon rather than later, you also give yourself some important peace of mind.

Figure out how everyone in your family will get there

Depending on how many people, cars, pets, delicate possessions and other variables are involved, this may be a quick and easy or more complicated strategy session. A husband and wife moving out of an apartment, with no children or pets and a full-sized sedan or SUV, can likely make the trip without worrying too much about how everyone will make it to the new home.

When your family is larger and has more pets, valuable possessions, and other considerations to take into account, it can get more complicated. Figuring out how much room each family vehicle has, who will sit where and if renting an additional vehicle is needed are all important steps to take. With that knowledge in hand, you can make the most economical choices to ensure everyone and everything gets to your new home far ahead of time. In some instances, you may realize it's more efficient or simply easier for some family members to fly to the new destination, or for other arrangements to be made.

Planning the route from your current residence to your new location is also important, whether it's a few hundred miles away or a coast-to-coast move. Understanding the route itself is important. Is it mostly highways? Are there any side roads that could be more easily affected by traffic, weather and other considerations? How much driving per day is everyone comfortable with? How frequently will your family need to stop for gas, food, rest and other needs?

There are many considerations to make before you embark on a long-distance move, but taking care of the ones detailed here can make the experience much more enjoyable and fruitful for everyone involved.