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November 20, 2015

5 tips for keeping your storage unit organized

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Make organization easier by labeling all of the boxes in your self storage unit.

Having a storage unit is extremely useful, but you need to keep it organized. If you set boxes and furniture into the space willy-nilly, not only will it be difficult to find things in the future, but you will not be optimizing the area you have.

To make things easier on yourself, try implementing some of these organization tips in your self storage unit:

1. Make zones

If you have a lot of items for individual rooms, then make zones in your storage space. For instance, if you have five boxes and a table for the kitchen, place the table in the corner and then set the boxes underneath and on top of it. This will be the kitchen section of your unit. Doing this will also make sketching a layout a lot easier.

2. Create a layout

Using a large sheet of paper, plot the layout of your storage space, and then make note of where you placed each of your items. For example, if the couch is against the right-hand wall, sketch a small sofa in that area on your paper.

Mark the different zones you created on the sheet as well so you can remember where everything is later. If you want to get really detailed, you could even break the zones down by numbered boxes, and then list what each box contains.

Box label noting whether the container belongs in the living room, dining room, bathroom or kitchen with the latter marked.Note what's inside each box and what room it belongs in to keep your items organized.

3. Label each box

You can label your boxes in a variety of ways, but the important thing is to make sure they're detailed and easy to read. Maybe you're happy using a permanent marker and writing a category directly on the top of the box, or perhaps you'd rather tape a note card to the container and list out most of the items. Either option works, so choose whichever one you like best.

It's also a good idea to mark an outward-facing side of the box with the content list or category you created. Chances are, you're going to be stacking containers, and if you only noted the items on the top, you'll have to move a lot of things later to see what's inside each one.

4. Use easily stackable boxes

When packing up your belongings, make sure you get boxes or tubs that are one or two standard sizes. If you do this, stacking the containers will be a lot easier because you won't have awkwardly shaped boxes with which to contend.

You should also choose sizes that you can lift easily. You don't want to struggle loading and unloading your belongings from the unit. 

5. Place items inside objects

To maximize your storage unit, place items inside other objects. For instance, if you're putting a dresser in the space, use the drawers to store vacuum-sealed bags of clothing. This is a good option because clothing is a natural item to place inside the dresser, so it will be easy to remember what's inside.

Other objects you can fill include desks, ottomans, shelves and cupboards. If possible, try to place items inside that correspond with the piece of furniture - so a box of pencils and paper would go with the desk and a small container of books could be placed on the shelf.

Implementing these tips when you have a storage unit will keep the space organized and easy to maneuver in the future.