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October 9, 2019

5 tips for decorating your new home

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When you decorate a new home, keep things simple to highlight what's important to you.

To put it mildly, moving can be stressful. 

There's so much planning and coordination to do. You also have to let go of the place you call home. Change can always be hard, so don't lose sight of what can make moving great. Look ahead to the fresh opportunities made possible by your next abode and decide how you're going to decorate your new home.

Maybe the location you're leaving behind has gone from your sanctuary to just another place to hang your hat, and it's time to mix things up. Maybe your next house, apartment or condo has features that are excitingly unfamiliar to you, like a balcony or patio. Think of it as an opportunity to make your mark.

No matter what your situation is, here are five tips for decorating your upcoming home.

1. Prune, prune, prune

Garage sales can be a great way to prune excess stuff before a move.Garage sales can be a great way to prune excess stuff before a move.

Moving is always a great opportunity to scale back on the extraneous stuff that tends to take over our lives (and our living rooms).

While we're not saying all your home goods need to pass Marie Kondo's famous test of "sparking joy," you've probably accumulated some clutter that could stand to go. If you bring these items to your new home, you'll feel obligated to find a place to put them, even if they don't naturally fit the new space.

Take careful measurements of your new home to know what will fit and carefully consider which pieces will clash with the new environment. Before you move, jettison everything that doesn't make the cut. Learn more about how to get rid of unneeded furniture.

2. Your home, your rules

You know yourself better than any magazine does. Don't start with a preconceived idea of the picture-perfect home if you can't picture yourself in it.

Start with what you need and want from your space. Then bring out the beauty in that dream. If you're a social butterfly who thrives on wowing her guests with wine and sparkling conversation, it could be a big misstep for you to create a beautiful salon centered around a massive electronic entertainment system. You can't live somebody else's life, and your home shouldn't push you to do that.

Undoubtedly, some of the principal pieces in your existing furniture collection are already set up to maximize your unique lifestyle. From pianos to pool tables, we can help you move those special items.

3. Simply put, simplify

You've already pruned your belongings in the packing process. Resist the urge to fill it all up right away. There are definite perks to a minimalist style.

The objects that mean the most to you will stand out more. You'll also have greater flexibility to modify your decor based on the season, or even from year to year. If you keep it simple, you have greater flexibility.

As a bonus, getting set up in your new home will be simpler and easier if you're moving less stuff. Learn about our special service for faster, small moves.

4. Don't delay

The present is all we have.

If you wait until tomorrow to paint your spare bedroom, then let's face it: You'll never paint that room. Over time, you'll learn to live with it, but you'll always think about how much better it would look in the perfect shade you picked out.

Before you unfurl your rugs or shelve your books, take care of the more labor-intensive improvements you want to undertake.

5. Keep it up

From time to time, everything needs a refresh. Your new home is a blank canvas, but you'll never stop revising the life you live there. Set aside time periodically to take stock again. Clear the clutter, check in with yourself to decide if your surroundings still match your needs, and plan new improvements.

To plan the next step in your journey, find professional, dependable movers and packers in your area by looking up your local Atlas Agent.