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January 26, 2017

4 tips for maintaining family relationships when moving

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Moves can be stressful, and you have to take small steps to ensure your family stays on the same page and focused on the work at hand.

Though moving offers the promise of a new start, that doesn't meant it's not without some accompanying stress. Per an April 2015 survey in the U.K., most people ranked moving as loads more stressful than even getting a divorce. A similar survey from August 2016 found that 82 percent of all Americans experience stress during a move.

"Over 82% of all Americans experience stress during a move."

These feelings don't just make people dread moving or result in a few hiccups during the process, but can also impact relationships between family members. But it doesn't have to be that way, and if you're aware of these stressful feelings, you can maintain respect for loved ones and still ensure the smoothest move possible.

1. Have some fun
​Moves might be a lot of hard work, but that doesn't mean they can't also be fun. You and your family should take time to enjoy this process as much as possible. That could mean listening to some of your favorite songs, or pausing for a mid-move lunch together. Some people with smaller children even make little games out of packing boxes or cleaning. No matter what you do, keeping this experience light and breezy can go a long way to counter all of that stress.

2. Help one another
​Not everyone responds to stressful situations the same way. Some people might need to take a few minutes if the pressure becomes too much, while others might be a bit more resilient. Either way, you need to respect how each of your family members handles this stress. Give them the time to cope if they can't find that certain box, or help them with some moving tasks if they're feeling overwhelmed. It's about respecting those you're closest with and doing what you can to help.

3. Work together
It's impossible to eliminate the stress of a move entirely. However, there are several ways you can relieve some of that tension, and most of them are about planning ahead. If you have a checklist of all your house's items, that's going to remove a lot of needless guesswork. You might also want to create a plan for the moving day, which is essential to preventing headaches and extra work. If you pre-plan accordingly, you'll leave less room for uncertainty, and that's a huge source of stress in many cases. All of this will also help your family better collaborate, which is essential for a successful, stress-free move. 

4. Combat stress
​If you happen to feel any stress during your big move, there are several quick and easy ways you can counter this tension. Some people turn to breathing exercises, which can do a lot to help you focus away from the stress at hand. Similar techniques include counting to 10 or a simply going for a quick walk (if you've got the time to spare). Even a dash of humor, or a positive statement or two, can help you better manage these stressful feelings. These exercises might seem insiginifcant, but if done together, families can counter stress and find themselves better equipped to work together. 

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