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September 28, 2016

4 safety precautions for when you're moving in

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Safety is essential to any moving experience.

There is nothing quite like moving into a new home. It's a sense of excitement and potential unlike any other life event, a moment worth enjoying and celebrating. But it's not all good times, and just because you feel overjoyed to be in your new home doesn't mean there aren't safety concerns. It's a brand new place, and you don't know structural damage or unwanted pests are waiting to interrupt your new life. So, as you move into your new abode, be sure to follow these six safety precautions. Your family will thank you.

"Avoid wearing loose clothing while packing or moving your belongings."

1. Take care of yourself 
When it comes to being as safe as possible during your move, there are a few essentials to be mindful of. For one, if you've got small children or pets, it's better if they stay clear of the action and out of harm's way. Hydration is also extra important during packing or moving, so always have enough bottled water handy. When you move, try it do it as early as possible to avoid the warmest part of the day. Lastly, the clothing you wear while moving is essential; loose items are only going to get snagged and cause an injury.

2. Pack with safety in mind
Packing should never be as simple as tossing items into a box. Improperly packed boxes are not only difficult to move, but can result in serious injury. That's why you need to make sure no box is ever more than 50 pounds. Use smaller boxes for larger items to avoid overfilling; bigger boxes, meanwhile, can be used for lighter items like paperback books. It's also a good idea to label each box; this makes them much easier to identify and you can stack and sort them for the move.

3. The power of stretching
Even with a moving service around to help, most people like to get involved in the moving process. If that's you, it's a good idea to prepare yourself before moving boxes or rearranging any furniture. Always stretch before you pick up any item; muscle injuries are common, especially if you don't do this often. If you think you can't do something on your own, get help to avoid an injury. Never bend at your back to pick something up; use your legs to prevent an injury that'll keep you off your feet for a while.

4. Get the house ready
A successful moving in process isn't just about protecting yourself, but your brand new house as well. Start by thoroughly cleaning your new place; this will not only remove any dirt, spills or potentially harmful messes, but you'll feel better to boot. Many new homeowners also change the locks and swap out light switches and other devices in their homes just to be safe. You may also want to have an inspector come by again to make sure the home's up to code now that you're finally moving in. No matter what steps you take, it's important you keep safety a priority.

To be as safe as you possibly can be, always rely on a professional moving service. Atlas Van Lines is committed to security, ensuring customers a prosperous moving experience for nearly 70 years.