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August 22, 2017

3 strategies to save money for your move

  • Move Management
Hosting a yard sale can end up reducing the cost of your move.

Moves, whether small or large, local or across the country, can be an expensive exercise. There are many variable costs to account for and options that may or may not be used, meaning each move ends up with its own final cost.

However, there are plenty of steps you can take to reduce costs and limit the financial impact of a move without influencing the quality of the experience. Consider these three strategies to save money on your move - and still have a first-class experience:

1. Figure out the details early on in the process

When you're moving, waiting until the last minute creates significantly negative results: You end up with fewer options in terms of scheduling and you may have to pay an increased rate, depending on which movers are available at the time you need to make the trip.

Don't wait until you absolutely have to get in touch with movers. Instead, act ahead of time to gather information and make choices about the exact date and time of your move, setting them when you want it to happen. You can also make more informed decisions about using optional but very valuable services, like packers, without a deadline bearing down on you.

Another advantage of being proactive is the ability to break up the work of planning a move into smaller chunks. Instead of working through a long list of tasks in the already-stressful days before the move, you can set a more leisurely pace that's just as effective.

2. Save with your AAA membership

"Being a AAA member pays off when it comes time to move."

Being a AAA member pays off when it comes time to move. By using the top-notch professionals at Atlas, you get a great moving experience no matter where you're headed. With a AAA membership, you also get Full Value Protection at no additional charge. That means your possessions are secure during transit. Anything lost, damaged or destroyed will be repaired or replaced, and you save an average of $600 for the extra protection.

These simple actions can make a world of difference when it comes to the cost of your move. With your AAA membership in hand, you're in a great position to make your move as cost-effective as possible.

3. Easy options to save and earn money

Yard sales and donations don't only help you clear out clutter and craft a leaner move, they give you money now and tax write-offs that provide returns after the next filing deadline. Atlas already offers plenty of advice for having a productive moving sale, including pointers on everything from choosing what to sell and when to host the event to making the items on display as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

Donating unneeded belongings to charity won't pay off until your taxes are due, but it helps those in need and also leads to a more manageable move. You can even donate many food items in your pantry when you move with Atlas, and agents will bring it to a local food bank themselves. Ask your Atlas Agent today if they participate in the Move For Hunger program. Nearly all shelf-stable pantry items are eligible, and all you have to to do is box them up before your movers arrive.