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October 9, 2019

3 moving hacks worth a second glance

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You may know all the moving hacks, but there are some worth another look.

Conventional wisdom pervades the human experience. For example, waiting for others to be served before you start eating. Or, if you're the last person to leave a room, turn off the lights. You know, common sense.

Almost everything people do regularly seems to have a commonly understood set of expectations. Moving is no different.

There's more to the standard moving hacks than you might suspect.There's more to the standard moving hacks than you might suspect.

Here are three common truths of the moving experience, and why they're worth a second look.

Moving hack 1: Enlist help

Call up friends and family members, and ask them to pitch in. At the end of the day, you'll provide abundant pizza and other refreshments, often beer or soda. Simple!

The second glance: Not everybody has to lift

The conventional wisdom is all well and good if you're acquainted with a bunch of muscle-bound triathletes. What about those of us who are moving with family members, some of whom might be quite young or quite advanced in age?

They can all help, and sometimes they can be total lifesavers!

If you're moving with young kids, maybe you could ask one of their fun older cousins to spend time with them during the day, freeing you up to pack, lift and haul the family's belongings. You might have an older parent who can't hoist a sofa anymore, but they might have the keen spatial reasoning needed to pack efficiently, limiting your overall back-and-forth.

Think creatively about how the people around you can pitch in, and show them you're grateful in a way that resonates with them. (At least let them pick the pizza toppings!)

Moving hack 2: Plan your trip

You booked the van, and you've got GPS. What more could you possibly need to consider? Well, that's a good start.

The second glance: Don't forget the "last mile"

Even if you're only moving one mile, your "last mile," from the van door to your front door, could present challenges if you don't plan ahead.

For starters many shared buildings have designated times during which new residents can load and unload. Make sure you clear that hurdle, and if you need to reserve a freight elevator or time in the loading zone, make sure you do that.

If you're driving a large vehicle you're not used to, make sure you're aware of the spaces you'll have to navigate, including any narrow alleys or tight corners. You don't need to add last-minute driving anxiety to your moving-day adrenaline.

Long-distance moves require even more advanced planning. Professionals can help!

Moving hack 3: Pack like a pro

You're well versed in padding the breakables. You've got small boxes for your books. If you've hired movers and packers, you've got a separate box for personal items. You may even have detailed lists so you know exactly what's in the box marked "Kitchen #3." Good on you.

The second glance: Pack early, and pack for the worst

If you're moving things that could potentially leak fluid, you'll want to drain them well in advance, especially heavy-duty items with oil and gasoline. Drain your lawn mower, snow blower or other gas-powered tools and small vehicles well in advance of your move. The same goes for hoses and gardening equipment, too.

The timing of your move might force you to make some contingency plans. If it's a winter move, have tarps handy, as well as shovels and tools for dealing with icy roads and walkways, and for clearing snow away from passageways. If it's particularly hot and sunny, be ready with ice packs or washcloths to help you cool down. Have sunblock handy if you need it.

What's the most important piece of common wisdom to consider? Professional movers and packers can make every step of the moving process much simpler. Contact your local Atlas Van Lines agent today.