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March 27, 2017

3 items you need to transport yourself during a move

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When it comes time to move, your pets should ride with you.

When you work with a great moving company, nearly all of the work of getting your possessions from your old home to your new one is taken off your shoulders. However, there are some items that you should transport yourself.

It's important to remember that restricted items can differ depending on the situation, like a local versus long-distance move. Checking in with your moving company before the big day is the best way to resolve any confusion. With that in mind, let's review some of the things you need to personally take with you on moving day:

"Ask about these restrictions ahead of time to clear up any confusion."

Hazardous materials

We all recognize the most obvious examples of hazardous materials, like weapons and full cans of gasoline, but there are other, less-obvious materials that movers can't or won't handle for safety and liability reasons. Aerosol spray cans, car batteries, gasoline contained inside tools like lawn mowers, paint and a variety of chemicals - like nail polish remover - are items many movers are prohibited from carrying.

Asking your moving company about these restrictions ahead of time can clear up any confusion and allow you to pack with confidence or prepare your home for the movers to pack up themselves. You can learn more about the hazardous materials Atlas can't bring on its trucks with this list.


Most people wouldn't think of sending their faithful companions in the moving truck, but it's good to have the reminder just in case circumstances have you considering the option. Movers won't take your pets with them due to the dangers of the moving truck, like extreme temperatures and the possibility of injury to your furry friends. You can give movers the bulky items your pet uses, however. Just make sure to bring along a favorite toy, bedding and some water and food in your own car for long moves. For more information and helpful advice, check out our guide to moving with pets.

Food, plants and living things

Perishable items can spoil or expire during the trip. Movers don't want to be responsible for those processes occurring while these goods are in their care. That means you'll need to carry any house plants or similar flora with you, as well as many of the things held in your refrigerator and freezer. Atlas will transport plants for distances under 150 miles and trip times shorter than eight hours. Learn more about our policy and pick up some tips for safely transporting plants through our page dedicated to the topic.

While many movers will transport shelf-stable foods, they won't take items that are easily spoiled or similarly damaged. For a local move, you can simply carry these items to your new home inside your own vehicle. For longer-distance trips, consider a cooler packed with ice for any local delicacies you can't purchase in your new area and using up what's left before the big day - there's only so much room in your car, after all.