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September 23, 2021

2020 Moving Trends: Why Are People Moving Out of Illinois?

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Understanding the Latest Illinois Moving Trends

Americans are leaving large cities for cozier, rural areas with more space and room to grow. According to the Atlas® 2020 Migration Pattern Study, 62.5% of moves were leaving the state of Illinois with a considerable portion of this traffic coming from Chicago. 2020 was an undoubtable year of change from the norm, but Chicago’s history of outbound migration remained a constant. While the pandemic certainly put a strain on jobs, and the housing market is starting to become a difficult space to navigate, these might not be the main drivers of people leaving the city into 2021.

Why are people leaving Chicago?

Major cities like Chicago were lands of opportunity in the past, but as companies shift into the digital sphere, so does its workforce. In 2020, we saw the rise of remote work, and while this was not a voluntary choice, many people learned to view remote work as an opportunity for mobility. Without the need to be physically located near their job, people have discretion in where they choose to live, which only makes the downsides of where a person lives more apparent. According to Illinois Policy, taxes, housing, and employment opportunities are cited as the primary options why Illinoisans are choosing to leave the state. With rising remote work opportunities and adaptive moving companies offering flexible planning, it’s hard to say no.

Policy and taxes aside, Chicago is known for harsh weather and limited space, two factors that can be observed by migration patterns trending West. People are trading cold New England and Midwestern cities for comfortable climates in North Carolina, Nevada, and Kentucky. There is also an observable change in who is looking for moving companies now with younger demographics looking to start their lives, often moving to a state for college education opportunities or to start a family. The Chicago Tribune interviewed several Chicagoans who moved amidst the pandemic, citing these reasons among temporary moves back home to stay with family.

Finding Chicago Home Movers and Moving Companies

Moving across the country is about convenience. The rise of remote work and freelancing opportunities is putting the power in the individual’s hands, which demands fast, simple, and flexible moving solutions. Atlas® Van Lines’ SimpliCity™ is designed for small moves, apartment moves, and condo moves. Receive a moving quote between work hours with the ease of giving an Atlas team member a virtual tour of your space, removing the need for a scheduled home assessment. Schedule your moving dates from the ease of your smartphone, letting you spend time on what matters most. Moving out of Chicago becomes less daunting with professional moving made simple, giving you the means to stay mobile and flexible if you need to make several moves in the near future.

When you move with Atlas, you’re moving with a network of small, local movers located across the United States who know their homes like the back of their hands. Whether you know exactly where you’re moving to or are seizing the opportunity to remote work in a fresh, new location across the country, you can count on Atlas to help you get started.

Start Your Chicago Move with Atlas®

Take the first steps to planning your move today with Atlas. Not sure where to begin? Our broad network of Atlas movers will help you make a plan—from the minor details to logistics. Whether you’re moving an apartment or your family home, we have solutions designed to get you where you need to be. Contact us today to receive a free moving quote or give us a call 800-309-0261.


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