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October 29, 2021

2020 Moving Trends: Is Everyone Moving to Maine?

Reviewed By: Phil Wahl, President & COO, Atlas Logistics - 30+ Years in the Moving Industry

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a white lighthouse in Maine overlooking the ocean surrounded by red roofed buildings

Is Everyone Moving to Maine?

The pandemic hardly deterred people from moving, whether it was for a job relocation, retirement, education, or taking advantage of the new online workspace. And while many moving trends remained steady in 2020 compared to previous years, the sudden freedom online workers and freelancers experienced led to noticeable increases in some states’ inbound statistics. Last year, big changes came to the Northeast United States with the region overall becoming the leader in outbound movers. But one state that stands out in this exodus is Maine. In 2020, Maine maintained a status of an inbound leader with 62.4% of its movers coming into the state from across the country. But why exactly is this change occurring, and why are so many people flocking to Maine? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Are People Moving to Maine?

New England is known for big cities and gorgeous landscapes alike. It boasts a temperate climate made up of mild summers and cold, snowy winters. When people think of Maine, they imagine the rocky Atlantic Coast, fishing, and lighthouses, making it a quaint, peaceful destination away from busy life. And, according to some, these factors are attractive enough for prospective residents to pack up their bags and move across the country.

In 2019, The Washington Post investigated the impacts on Maine’s economic industry as a largely aging state. With many of its residents over 65, and a shortage of incoming workers, Maine was in need of “dire help.” But in 2020, Maine took the spot as the third highest inbound state, pushing back against this trend. With the rise of remote work and telework that is not bound by a physical location, people are finding they have more discretion in choosing where they want to live than ever before, and many are choosing Maine.

The Bangor Daily News interviewed new residents who moved to Maine during the pandemic. Those who had previously enjoyed visiting the state now live there, taking advantage of settling in before retirement. Others reported that they decided to move to Maine for its “easy access to outdoor activities, less crowded living conditions, and lower housing prices,” in line with national trends for residents trading mega city life for more modest and affordable locations.

The Benefits of Moving to Maine

Maine is tucked away in the far northeastern United States surrounded by a long history and gorgeous views. This location offers affordable places to settle down while providing no shortage of sights and attractions for those who love to explore. The seasonality produces colorful autumns that only New England can provide. Landmarks like Acadia National Park, Portland Head Light, Cadillac Mountain, and Mount Katahdin serve as iconic destinations all within reach of a couple hours in the car from anywhere in the state. If you are a fan of good food, you will love having fresh seafood readily accessible—especially lobster. The comparatively low cost-of-living makes Maine an attractive option for those leaving major cities like Los Angeles and New York, giving more people a chance to own a home with a yard.

How to Move to Maine

Deciding to move to Maine is a major decision, but finding the right moving company can help ease some of the stress. Hiring professional movers can reduce uncertainty, and choosing a national moving company helps get you connected with the local community before you even step foot there for the first time. If you’re moving across the country to Maine, you might find it helpful to enlist the help of long-distance movers to ensure your personal belongings reach your destination on time and in one piece. Atlas® Van Lines is a national moving company made up of a network of local movers designed to bring you quality, neighborly care with the expertise of a nationally accredited organization that moves people across the country each day.

Let’s Work Together

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