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September 23, 2021

2020 Moving Trends: Are People Leaving New Jersey?

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New Jersey

Are People Leaving New Jersey?

While it may be tempting to look at the rising number of people fleeing densely populated metro areas as a byproduct of the pandemic, 2020 migration trends are not that much different from years past with New England dominating outbound movers with two states, New York and New Jersey, in the Top 10. In fact, according to our Atlas® 2020 Migration Study, New Jersey saw a whopping 60.2% of movers leave the state. However, New Jersey has been an outbound state for years with demographics of all backgrounds moving across state lines.

Unpacking New Jersey Moving Trends

So, why are people leaving New Jersey? According to The North Jersey Record, New Jersey is “lagging behind” national economic standards. Rising taxes pushed people away across the board; those with lower incomes sought better opportunism elsewhere, and high income individuals left because they are taxed more than many other states. While other outbound states like New York and Illinois are facing demographic shifts and remote work opportunities as push factors, New Jersey has long been a top-ranking outbound state due to higher-level issues with state government and policy. Taxes rise, people leave, and taxes rise again, causing a damaging cycle of that outweighs the benefits of the metro areas like Bergen-Passaic, Trenton, and Newark.

Where Are People Moving in 2021?

People are trading busy city life for opportunities in the quieter Midwest. In 2020, we saw a rise of inbound moving to places like Idaho, North Carolina, and, for the first time since 2010, Kentucky. Destinations like Kentucky are especially known for low cost of living when compared to the national average, with larger homes and more land a realistic goal for those leaving behind Trenton and Newark. These locations offer more tolerable climates far from debilitating winter snowstorms as well as affordable education opportunities and jobs. These reasons, among other benefits like lower state income taxes, make an attractive case for potential long-distance movers emerging from a pandemic that revealed the shortcomings of their hometown.

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New Jersey Moving Services

With new job opportunities opening up in the West and Deep South each day, it’s becoming more and more tempting to take the plunge and make a career change in pursuit of a more affordable home outside of New Jersey. Whether you are moving your family across the country or are a freelancer not bound by a physical location, it can be daunting when you don’t know anything about the place you’re moving to. Atlas® Van Lines has a network of movers across the country with nationwide recognition made up of local moving companies that know and love the areas they service. Atlas works with you each step of the way, from corporate relocation programs and military moving to optimized fast and small moves to get you where you need to be without the hassle of a long and drawn out process. At Atlas, we know the value a strong sense of community and partnership can make especially during this time of transition. Finding New Jersey moving services you can trust from the beginning can make the moving process significantly less stressful during this exciting time.

Find Cross-Country New Jersey Movers

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