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March 22, 2024

Delivering Growth

  • Household Moving

From the earliest civilizations to the Industrial Revolution, and all the way through present day, people have focused on how to move goods in a way that maximizes efficiency while minimizing resources. As the logistics landscape evolves into the future, leaders within Atlas Logistics® are not simply adapting to change; they are leveraging technology and strategically positioning their businesses to be the vanguard of that change.

Heading into 2024, Phil Wahl, President and COO of Atlas Logistics, has a positive outlook after a strong close to last year. “In the second half of 2023, we saw a lot of business come back, and that trend is continuing. The first quarter of 2024 looks very strong with healthy increases in first- and final-mile business in the hospitality, retail, and restaurant sectors,” says Wahl.

Steve Trensch, President and General Manager of TopHAT Logistical SolutionsTM, agrees with Wahl in anticipating a strong year ahead. “2023 ended well with high volume for final-mile delivery. It was one of the strongest peaks I have seen in several years, and I expect 2024 to be much better.”
But where is logistics heading? Looking forward, leadership sees an increasing reliance on data-driven decision-making to inform strategies for operational efficiency. From consolidating shipments to fleet management, technology continues to be a driver of strategic planning. “We are always looking at our technology to see what we need to do to make sure we are poised for the future and can take our organization to the next level,” says Matt VanderLinde, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Atlas Logistics. “It is all about maximizing service and creating the best visibility, the best data sets, and the best reporting for our clients, internal teams, and the Agent network.”

In addition to technology, VanderLinde says 2024 will be a year for focusing on first- and final-mile business, with a strategic lens examining home delivery opportunities and how to build out that vertical for TopHAT within the e-commerce space—an area in which he sees potential for major growth.
Another trending topic is the continuation of consolidation. Just last year, Atlas Logistics acquired Progressive Transportation, a carrier based in Wisconsin. Says Wahl, “Progressive has provided Atlas® and the Agents greater capacity, and Atlas has provided them with a willingness to invest and grow their fleet. It has been successful, and we look forward to that continued reciprocal growth going forward.”
While some things change, some things stay the same. Artificial intelligence and technological advances are in the cards—or already being played on the table—but people, Atlas’ greatest asset, are a central component to operations. Says Trensch, “People will always be needed. Even if you have autonomous trucks, you still have to carry that refrigerator into the house and provide human-level customer service.” Wahl echoes Trensch’s sentiments, adding, “The big advantage for us, even in this world of technology, comes down to our people and their ability to manage the network. They are the core of our business.”

As for what is in store for 2024 and beyond, everyone agrees that growth and evolution are an achievable priority.
“Our theme for 2024 is renewal,” says Trensch. “We have some exciting new members on our team. Now I have a larger group driving our growth and making TopHAT the best delivery company out there. I think they will lead us into a good 2024 and an even better 2025.”

Wahl sees nothing but opportunity in the coming year. From the work happening within our sales channels, the pipeline is robust.“I feel like we have the best team we have ever seen since I have been with Atlas Logistics,” says Wahl. “From our staff to our network of service providers, they are all so ready and willing to support our business. When you add in the technology and cybersecurity investments we are building into our company, we are in a position to truly take strategic advantage of every opportunity and grow this company like never before.”