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April 10, 2019

Listen. Think. Move.

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Atlas® Canada Builds on Consultation Prowess
According to noted Canadian writer Robin Sharma: “Listening is a master skill for personal and professional greatness.” The sales professionals at Atlas®  Van Lines Canada are in complete agreement.
“We recognized three years ago a need to improve our sales process in order to increase our conversion rate,” says President Barry Schellenberg. “When evaluating our sales process, our research showed we had been responding to customers before fully understanding them.”
Atlas Canada’s leaders instituted the “Atlas Way of Selling” training to enhance skills for Atlas sales consultants throughout Canada. It equips them to act not as order-takers, but as problem-solvers.
“We know great service can happen only when we fully understand what a customer needs,” says Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer Fred Haladay. “That starts with listening.”
“Yes, we have a wealth of experiences that informs our best practices,” says Barry. “But that toolkit, as powerful as it may be, is useless without listening to and understanding each customer’s unique expectations.”
Now in its third year, the training program has proven transformational for business. Volume and market share are up. By all indications, these trends will continue.
Setting the Stage for the "Best Dance”
“Our marketing team is doing research with agents across the provinces to better know what customers expect,” says Fred.
Understanding such characteristics gives Atlas® sales consultants insight into how customers in different locales think about moving.
“Our aim is for each move to be specific to the customer,” says Barry. “Anyone who doesn’t approach service this way is going to wear it on social media. They’ll become just another commodity in the market.”
“We represent the value of our service as seen through the eyes of the customer. They tell us what they expect; we confirm that we heard them and understand them. Only then do we respond.”
Barry Schellenberg – President, Atlas® Van Lines Canada
 Keeping in Step with Partners
Listening plays a role, too, in supporting established relationships. Atlas® account managers meet with corporate clients quarterly to review and evaluate business together.
“We meet face to face with our corporate clients to ensure comprehension,” says Barry. “We confirm that we hear them, we understand them, and we are ready to make any changes that may be needed for us to stay in sync together.”
"Most important", says Barry, "is that clients understand Atlas operates with accountability."
“We stand behind the promises we make to customers. It’s essential to the Atlas culture. We are accountable to those we serve.” 
“Atlas® Canada conducts regular review meetings that include me and our senior contracting manager. These meetings allow Atlas Canada to review our metrics, discuss any challenges and proposed solutions, share new initiatives and, most importantly, continue to understand the needs of NAV CANADA and our relocating employees. Although these meetings are scheduled in advance, the entire team at Atlas Canada is always very responsive to our needs at all times.”
Jennifer Savard – Manager Travel & Relocation, NAV CANADA