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March 29, 2019

Of Pigs and Partnership

  • Cornerstone

It’s the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac, and nobody is happier about it than the Cornerstone Relocation Group® team. Why? Because our company mascot, Pudgy, is a flying pig—a fun representation of our serious commitment to colleagues and customers. You can expect incredible things from Cornerstone because, like the enchanted concept of a flying pig, we do everything in our power to “make the impossible possible.”
We Don’t Make Incredible Things Happen by Ourselves
Cornerstone collaborates with a remarkable, worldwide network of individuals and companies. Where others might see obstacles, we see opportunities to make mobility magic. And the solutions we conjure factor into our processes to be used again, all part of an ever-growing reserve of innovative approaches and advanced workarounds.
As crucial as our network is, clients are just as important for us to create exceptional outcomes. Our partnerships with clients take many forms. We may deploy a Cornerstone team member onsite at their location. Or facilitate team-building activities and meetings between their stakeholders and our people. Or deepen local relationships to better serve their talent-management efforts.
On a recent tour with a destination service-provider in Dubai, we made our client aware of a special program that provides visitors a better understanding of local Emirati culture and customs. Working together, Cornerstone and our new partner provided a solution that opened the door to greater success for our client’s future Dubai assignees.
Answering Amid Change and Uncertainty
This is an exciting time in relocation. We see rapid technological advances, such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Changes in demographics and employee preferences are transforming the way employers recruit, retain, deploy and develop talent. Cornerstone is ready, because everything we do is based on these time-tested qualities:
CREATIVITY. Our partners are entrepreneurial, innovative thinkers, open to new ideas and solutions.
Culture. We develop relationships with service partners who share similar values and goals and have a reputation for integrity and reliability.
EMPATHY. We take the time to learn what’s important to one another; to fully understand what the other party needs and determine how we can achieve success as we work together.
PASSION. We partner with companies and individuals who are as enthusiastic (some would say obsessed) as we are about providing a high-quality mobility experience. Cornerstone takes exceptional care of the clients and employees entrusted to us, and our partners share that zeal for excellence.
While change is constant, Cornerstone is confident and steady in our ability to deliver high-level service, to collaborate effectively with partners and clients around the globe, and to keep our promise to surprise and delight those we welcome into our business circle.
The Year of the Pig is synonymous with good fortune, honesty, hard work, patience, reliability and understanding—with a sense of humor on the side. It’s a year in perfect sync with the partnerships Cornerstone values highly.
Janelle Piatkowski
President & CEO
Cornerstone Relocation Group®