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November 9, 2023

Celebrating Excellence

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Janelle Piatkowski - President & CEO Cornerstone Relocation Group

To be celebrating multiple years is an accomplishment in itself. And, when we look at all the change we navigated and experienced over time—shifts in trends, global economies, service provider supply chains, customer preferences, and ensuring experienced staffing—it is a monumental success.

Today, Cornerstone is in partnership with Atlas®, but when it started as an independent enterprise in 1990, it began as a “work-from-home” company (Cornerstone began in my home and grew to a New Jersey-based headquarters). Maybe we were onto something without knowing it—after all, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Mattel, and Disney all started in someone’s garage!

Over time, our mission has never changed: to build and grow a company that is high touch, meticulous about details, and committed to the seamless movement of corporate employees and their families. No matter the role, everything we do has the care and well-being of people at its core. With that mission underpinning us, it is clear why Atlas was and remains the perfect partner: We share perspective and passion for excellence.

Companies that thrive over decades are not just lucky—they monitor trends and shift focus, practice, and process to serve the current and future environment. They stay close to their clients and customers to understand and respond to their concerns, needs, and preferences. And they acquire talent and build exceptional skills and capabilities on their teams. Atlas has made an art of such distinctions.

So, on this special anniversary—one preceded by countless miles traveled, households moved, families resettled, team members deployed, and years of tireless oversight and improvement— we at Cornerstone celebrate Atlas as an outstanding partner and a phenomenal global company