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November 15, 2022

Handle With Care

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When someone relocates, they are entrusting their life, their belongings, and their memories to their moving company. Essentially, a stranger. So, knowing they have an advocate at that company to hold their hand throughout the process and make sure their needs are met and exceeded is invaluable.

That’s where the Avail Move Management® Customer Care Program comes in.

“The mindset you have during your move bleeds into your overall life,” says Jessica Nichols, Director of Avail Move Management. “Moving is stressful. Our Customer Care Program makes sure someone is there to make it all go smoothly so that our transferees have a positive experience and are ready to pick up their lives where they left off.”

Avail® implemented a Private Label Customer Service Representative (CSR) program in 2008 but retooled it with a more targeted approach in late 2020 as Nichols saw business needs evolve. Recognizing that Avail needed to identify where they could better serve and support the Agent family, a dedicated program with a Customer Care Team was created that could integrate themselves within existing Agent operations, allowing those Agents to take on additional business.

“We are very focused in our tasking processes and how we learn the programs they have in place. When we start working with a new booker, we spend a lot of time with their team to listen how they interact with their customers and what internal lingo they use with their operational teams. We prioritize learning how to do things the way the Agent would do it,” says Nichols.

For Greg Klott, Director of Client Services for Alexander’s Mobility Services, Avail’s Customer Care Program has been incredibly beneficial.

“It was a seamless process incorporating Avail’s CSRs in with our own CSR team, with only brief training needed to advise on the Alexander’s moving process. Avail hit the ground running, and Jessica and team have been very easy to work with and accommodating to our account needs. They are personal, responsive, professional, and remain on task in an engaged manner. I would highly recommend utilizing Avail’s Customer Care Program when you need CSR assistance, be it temporary or permanent,” says Klott.

Nichols sings her team’s praises as well. She says that it's incredible to see the way
they interact with customers and that each is a great communicator with a lot of heart for helping others. As new business comes along, Avail will grow the Customer Care Team. But the smaller, nimble team is perfect for the moment, as it keeps Avail efficient.

As the program grows, which it has consistently since it began in 2020, Nichols is excited to expand with more bookers and to examine what new service offerings Avail can provide to help clients grow their business and better service their transferees.

“We’ve seen a lot of success with this program, and it’s freed up our Agents’ teams to focus on other business,” says Nichols. “With their exceptional processes plus the backbone of Avail’s efficiencies in place, we can truly make customer care the best of both worlds.”