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March 29, 2019

Fine Tuning the Steps

  • Avail
"I always wanted to have more dancers in my company."

- Alvin Ailey, American Dancer
With summer straight ahead, many agents are securing additional staff to handle the seasonal increase in relocation activity. With the help of Avail,® they’re finding it’s easy to add skilled professionals as needed to their Agency team.
“The Avail Customer Service Representative (CSR) functions just like an employee of the Agency,” says Jessica Nichols, Director of Avail Move Management. "As far as the customer knows, they are under the Agent’s roof. Even the email signature and phone identify the rep as part of the Agency. There is no disconnect for the transferee."

Avail-Label-(1).pngJessica says that Avail CSRs are trained in a process to satisfy every transferee’s expectations for service. The Avail team evaluates that process continuously for potential improvements. Now, a handful of recent tweaks promise to make the transferee’s experience even better.
"We’ve updated the process flow to prompt a CSR response in real time as documents are entered in the system," says Jessica. "This will reduce the turnaround time for key shipment requirements, such as estimating and billing."
Other enhancements include greater support of client-specific requirements (for service better aligned with the transferee’s expectations) and tasking based on transferee type now integrated for all processes (private and corporate clients get the same tailored experience). 
"We’ve also added reminders for CSRs to explain the impact of ELD requirements," says Jessica. "This helps transferees to understand an important regulatory feature and what it means to transportation and transit times."