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April 16, 2015

"Passionate." "Dedicated." "Amazing."

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Atlas staff wish all the best – for one of their best.

Marian Weilert SauveyMarian Weilert Sauvey, Atlas World Group General Counsel, Senior Vice President & Secretary, came to Atlas and Evansville in 1993. Earlier in her career, she worked in private practice as a partner with a firm in Kansas City, Missouri. After leaving that position, she took a year off before joining Schneider National, Inc. in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Now, after serving 22 years as the legal head at 1212 St. George Road, Marian begins another chapter on April 17. Retirement.

“My stint with Atlas is the longest I’ve held a job. It has been a good opportunity for me, and Evansville has been a good place to live. David (her husband) and I raised four kids here, and they are all thriving.”

Marian recalls many fond memories, like the time she played the part of a temperance worker in a video skit for a convention. “I got to hit Norm Gee (then Atlas Chairman & CEO) over the head with a bottle.” There were other high points—introducing Forum keynoters such as Fred Thompson and Frank Abagnale. And the many occasions for camaraderie and fun with the Atlas family.

Marian Weilert Sauvey photograph        Marian Weilert Sauvey on cover of old amplifier        Marian Weilert Sauvey at speaking event

“My birthday has often been during convention,” says Marian. “Last year, I celebrated my birthday in Hawaii with a luau that included a cake that my husband and Jessica Roberson, Corporate Meeting & Travel Specialist, Atlas World-Class Travel, conspired about. There were over 500 people at my party.”

Some of Marian’s close associates have a hard time imagining what work will be like without her.

“Marian is passionate and dedicated,” says Kathy Thompson, Director of Contracts & Pricing. “I am in awe of her knowledge on every legal aspect related to transportation. Her ability to help us navigate this everchanging business has been simply amazing. I will miss her terribly.” 

“Marian Sauvey is an amazing person,” says John Scott, Region One Director, Atlas Relocation Services Group. “When there is a legal question, she digs in, does the research, and gets the answer immediately. I have truly enjoyed working with her. ”

Atlas Board Member Joe McNamara, President, Certified Van Service, Inc. (0598) says, “I consider Marian not only a very fine attorney, but just as important, if not more so, a good person. It will be very difficult for Atlas to find a comparable replacement. I wish Marian and her family the best.”

“I have been fortunate to know and work with Marian for over 22 years,” says Glen Dunkerson, Atlas Chairman & CEO. “I have found her guidance and advice invaluable. I will always consider her an individual who made a difference and contributed greatly to and for our great company.” 

So, what’s next?

“I’m going to treat my first year off as a sabbatical,” says Marian. “David and I plan to travel to Europe. Then we’ll move back to Wisconsin to be closer to family. After that, I’ll figure out what to do with the rest of my life.”
Marian Weilert Sauvey with the Spirit of United Way award from United Way of Southwestern Indiana

In March 2015, the United Way of Southwestern Indiana presented Marian with the Spirit of United Way Award. During 20 years of participation, Marian served two terms as treasurer and eleven years as a board member. She was known as a "super volunteer" who played a key role in the organization's success, including the establishment of an endowment.