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November 13, 2016

New Magic from AtlasNet.

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Cell phones and tablet
What if you could walk through your customer’s home from the other side of the world? Or see every text message thread from your customer throughout the move? Or get immediate feedback for improving service on a move while it is taking place? You Can.

Atlas® IT has introduced three new capabilities. These are available now for any move you provide for a corporate customer or private client. You’ll find them in AtlasNet® Customer Manager.          

“Agents and clients asked, so we answered,” says J.J. Mohr, IT Senior Director. “We continue to add functionality that provides a business advantage for users of AtlasNet Customer Manager.”

Two Way Texting

Two-Way Texting.

Open a window, type a message, and ding! The transferee has it on their phone. Throughout the move, all text messages between the customer and everyone in the Atlas service chain are recorded. They go directly into the file to inform every aspect of service, from the pre-move survey through settlement of any claims.

Video Survey

Video Survey.

The in-home survey can take hours out of the customer's schedule, depending on where the home is located. Now, the agent and customer can get a good chunk of that valuable time back.AtlasNet Video Survey connects mobile and desktop devices for sharing a live video feed. You send the customer a link that launches the app on their phone. Then, they walk through the home and use the phone’s camera to show you every-thing that needs to be moved. All the while, you are connected via voice communication as well.

For privacy reasons, the customer can request the video not be recorded. However, still images can be captured at any point to document damage or other concerns. For example, exterior views may illustrate special considerations for access to the home.          

Besides the obvious benefit of saving travel time, a video survey may answer some customers’ concerns about personal safety. “I can see where this technique may be especially appealing to women who live alone,” says Nancy Menke, IT Project Manager. “There are some limitations,” says J.J. “You need to have Internet access with enough bandwidth, decent lighting, and, of course, customer cooperation. We’re working on a best practices document to help users get the most from this new tool.”

Job Stop Form
Automated Job Stop.

This interactive tool is an essential quality check for many corporate accounts. Now, the Atlas Agency representative can complete the form online (at the move-out or move-in) and it generates a report for taking corrective actions immediately. Copies of the report are stored in “Imaging” on AtlasNet.

“We work with a standard inventory of questions,” says Nancy. “We have attempted to standardize the list of questions initially. At some point in a future release, we may be able to provide account-specific forms for any account or for an agency wanting to use it for any move.”