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April 15, 2021

Connecting to Customers With New Features

  • Atlas Van Lines

Get to know the face behind your move with a CSR Profile

We've all come to realize the importance of connectivity—especially when it comes to keeping track of your move. That’s why Atlas® has continued to improve the technology used by our network. Communication and
peace of mind for customers remain critical elements to a successful move, so a new Customer Service Representative (CSR) Profile feature has been made available through the Atlas® Customer Portal. Like the previously rolled-out Professional Van Operator (PVO) Profiles, a CSR Profile provides information about the CSR who is managing a customer’s move, such as their name, bio, and photo.

“Relocating is one of the top stress-inducing events in life. We want to do anything we can to ease stress for our transferees and provide them with an excellent moving experience. Not only does the Atlas Customer Portal provide a 24-hour resource for customers, but I’m excited to see the PVO and CSR Profiles there so our transferees can associate a name with a face. The ability for customers to get to know the people who are making their move happen eases tension and adds to the overall relocation experience.” —Daniel Ozbun, Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer, Daniel’s Moving and Storage, Inc. (875).

Provide feedback to better your move with Status Checks

Atlas® is always striving for excellence in customer service, and now customers can help by using the new Status Checks feature. Here’s how it works: Before their move begins, a customer is given the option to opt in to receive text messages that will prompt them to provide feedback during up to four key checkpoints during their move—after survey, packing, loading, and final delivery. That way, the customer is able to quickly send feedback about their experience of these pivotal moments as they occur.

“Status checks allow our customers to give us real-time feedback while their move is happening so we can make adjustments as needed to better their experience,” said Jessica Greenhalgh, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, Ace Relocation Systems, Inc. (62). “Getting this information earlier in the process can be the difference between a customer being satisfied enough to use our services again or choosing to go another route when it comes time for their next move.”

It’s nice to have options. For this reason, Atlas allows customers to choose whether they opt in to status checks or not. “By no means is it required to opt in, and customers always have the option to do so at a later time by visiting the Customer Portal,” adds Greg Klott, Director of Client Services, Alexander’s Mobility Services (207). “Even if they don’t opt in to status checks, they can still let us know about their experience after their shipment is delivered. We love that our transferees can tailor their communication preferences to what feels most comfortable to them.”

Pandemic or not, today’s customer is a digital one, and Atlas will continue to implement features like the ones above to ensure our customers get the best moving experience possible.