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October 25, 2018

Scoring, Soaring

  • Atlas International


The sales and service teams at Atlas® World Group International have done their homework, and the grades are in–straight A’s. The good news owes to strategic planning for growth—with a priority to elevate the customer experience.

“It’s no secret that customer satisfaction drives our business,” says Tim Hall, Vice President of Business Development. “Especially with RMCs—they evaluate us continuously based on feedback from their customers.”

“We knew if we were to succeed in growing our volume, we would need to enhance our service delivery model,” says Matthew Hagenah, Director of International Commercial Operations. “This led us to standardize our service process, starting with how we evaluate and select new employees for our customer service team.

With the hiring process in line with strategy, Atlas now gets a much clearer view of how a candidate fits the Atlas culture—and whether they possess the skills and attitude to excel.  

“Our service people stay on top of the details for every customer,” says Matthew. “They are especially good at managing expectations—perhaps the single most important component of customer satisfaction.”

Proof in the numbers.

“With our largest client, we’ve achieved customer satisfaction scores of 100 percent over the last six months,” says Laura Hatton, Vice President of International Commercial Operations. “For the year to date, we’re at 95.5 percent.”

Because RMCs assign more moves to providers with the highest scores, Atlas is seeing the growth. International move volume is up 123 percent YTD over 2017 and 304 percent over 2016. Although the numbers attest to a combined effort, Laura and Tim are quick to give extra credit to one team member in particular.

“Matthew has been key in putting our service model in place,” says Laura. “It’s made a big difference, turning performance around to drive new business.”

Investing forward.

“We are in the enviable place of having to manage a significant increase in volume,” says Tim. “We’re not taking this for granted. We’re ‘investing forward’ for growth over the long run.”

A new move-management system is in development to enhance the speed of communication, the effectiveness of pricing strategies, and the overall customer experience. It will be fully operational in January.

“Service expectations are high, especially among the world’s top corporations and RMCs,” says Tim. “Atlas is focused not only on providing top people, but also the tools that are second to none. We’re working nonstop to simplify international moving and ensure great customer experiences.”  

With offices in Singapore, London, and Seattle, professional service is “always on” for Atlas customers. Geetha Vumapathy, International Relocation Coordinator, Singapore. Merisha  Dunbar, International Relocation Coordinator, London.

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                         Geetha Vumapathy, International                        Merisha Dunbar, International
                            Relocation Coordinator in Singapore                  Relocation Coordinator in London