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Unpacking Service

Unpacking after the move.

At your new home, your Atlas crew places your furniture where you want it. They'll carry boxes to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They'll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and place these in rooms as you have requested.

Mover unpacking a chair from moving supplies

If you choose unpacking service, your Atlas crew will unpack every plate, cup, glass and spoon, place them on the kitchen counter, and take away the packing material when they leave.

If you decide to take on the unpacking yourself, follow this guide to unpacking your home after you move.

How to Unpack

  1. Keep your inventory list handy. If you took down inventory as you packed your belongings, now is the time to consult that list and check off items as you unpack them. This is the best way to ensure that nothing was left behind.
  2. Make your bed first. After a long, hard day of moving and unpacking, the last thing you're going to want to do is put your sheets on your bed before diving into it. Make sure your bed is put together and ready for a good night's sleep before you do anything else.
  3. Prepare surfaces. If you want to line shelves and drawers, this is the best time to do it. Take an extra few minutes per surface to cut some shelf liner or contact paper to size.
  4. Unpack the essentials. Put away the items you use daily, like towels and toiletries, dishes and flatware, kitchen tools and appliances, and your children's favorite toys.
  5. Assemble and arrange furniture. As long as you planned where your furniture should go ahead of time, this part should be easy. If not, you may want to map it out on paper first.
  6. Make it yours. Decorative items should be unpacked last so you'll have a better idea of how they fit into the scheme of your home.
  7. Get organized. Now that the major aspects of your home are in place, you can get into the nitty-gritty of organizing your things in a way that makes them easy to access and keep tidy.

ProMover® Certified

All Atlas Agents are ProMover Certified, the highest designation from the American Moving & Storage Assocation.

Atlas World Group, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Mover in Evansville, IN

Better Business Bureau A+ Ranking

Atlas World Group, Inc. (parent company of Atlas Van Lines) is awarded the Better Business Bureau A+ Ranking, the highest ranking. Among other criteria, it reflects our time in the business and transparent business practices.


Award Winning Agents

Atlas adheres to formal, measurable standards for quality. Our Agencies are accountable with regular inspections and evaluations. Customer feedback is also essential for our efforts to improve service on every move.

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