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Most popular international destinations for relocation

Most popular international destinations for relocation

There are plenty of advantages to relocating for businesses and employees alike. However, sometimes the destination isn't just a state away - it's international. According to a study by TransferWise, one in three Americans would consider moving abroad. So, where are they headed? Here are some of the most popular international destinations for relocation.

Western Europe

According to Atlas Van Line's 2015 Corporate Relocation Survey, in 2014 Western Europe was the most frequent international destination transfer for employees. This could be because there are so many sprawling metropolitan areas across the region. Take Dublin, for instance. This city is a hub for many thriving companies like Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Twitter and Facebook - all of which have offices in Dublin. Another advantage? A predominate amount of the city's residents speak English, so if you are considering moving here, there won't be too much of a language barrier.

In fact, this is common in a lot of European countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Thrillist says that in these three places, more than 80 percent of the population is nearly fluent in English. That means you can relocate here without even having to learn an entirely new language.


This continent is a very popular location for people to relocate to. For one, Asia is the Earth's largest and most populous continent. Therefore, it has all the resources you need to succeed personally and professionally. Plus, food and drink is cheaper than in the U.S., especially in places like Nepal, Vietnam and Thailand. However, that does not mean that rent is always less expensive. Be sure to do your research on cost of living before taking the leap across the globe. 

Another perk? In Asia, everything is incredibly accessible by transportation. By hopping on a train, you could go from a city to a beach in only a few hours and for a cheap price. With budget airlines and bus systems, transportation fare is much more affordable than in the U.S. 

Consider Shanghai for your corporate relocation.Consider moving to Shanghai for your corporate relocation.

Here are the top 10 most inexpensive cities to live in Asia, according to Price of Travel:

  1. Pokhara, Nepal.
  2. Hanoi, Vietnam.
  3. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  4. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  5. Goa, India.
  6. Kathmandu, Nepal.
  7. Vientiane, Laos.
  8. Luang Prabang, Laos.
  9. Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  10. Delhi (and New Delhi), India.


When it comes to moving from the U.S. abroad, some people aren't moving too far: They're heading to Canada. Why? The country is known for its good economic standing and generous benefits, including free health care. It's bilingual (English and French) based on the part of the country. Compared to the U.S., Canada is considered to have a moderate to high tax rate - lower than some European countries. Plus, it's an incredibly scenic place to live. In the U.S., you often have to head to Colorado to see mountains or go on vacation to swim in the ocean. Canada offers a full range of outdoor activities for hiking, fishing, hunting and boating. It has a great deal of nature to offer. Plus, according to Nature Master, it has lower crime rates than the U.S., making it a safer environment to live in. 

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