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Making the most of the space in your new home

Making the most of the space in your new home

A new home is full of fresh opportunities for organizing and displaying your belongings in an effective and eye-pleasing fashion. A new place to live also means a chance to freshen up furniture, art and the many other pieces that make a house feel like a home.

Presentation is a vital component of putting your belongings to good use, and so is thoughtful consideration of the available space. A home where everything has a place and clutter is at a minimum doesn't just look nice, it provides a positive environment for everything from kids taking on their homework to entertaining guests during a dinner party.

Want to make the most of the space in your new home? The following tips can put you on the right track:

Get creative before you arrive

"A new home is full of fresh opportunities."

Choosing how your new home will come together with your existing belongings - and any purchases made to fill functional gaps and improve appearance - is often a fun and thought-provoking exercise. Taking on that task ahead of your first night in your new home offers a number of advantages. Perhaps the most practical one is the ability to use your movers to do the heavy lifting. If you know where you want everything to go in your new house, you can instruct your movers to place furniture, boxes, appliances and all other items exactly where you want them.

A plan completed well before the move also allows you to easily identify any gaps or spots that need to be filled - whether that means a desk to fit into a nook perfect for focusing on monthly bills or a piece of art that takes a commanding presence on a broad hallway wall. While ideas can easily change once you experience living in a new home and see how all the existing parts fit together, this strategy allows you to put the finishing touches on your house in a quick and organized manner.

A place for everything and everything in its place

You may have some beloved items - chairs, end tables, shelves and much more - that simply don't have a good fit in your new house. It can be difficult to sell or give away these pieces, but it's a better course of action than forcing something into a spot where it simply won't fit. Make sure to consider all available options for your current belongings, but don't hesitate to move on if necessary.

Effective use of space inside a new home means emphasizing functionality, be it to display art or provide a dedicated area for innumerable household tasks. Multipurpose approaches can certainly be useful, but you need to consider the purpose of each area. Is a combination playroom and homework area OK for your kids, assuming they can sometimes put the toys away and focus on work? Sure. Do you want a desk intended for quiet, contemplative work in a nook directly next to the often-noisy kitchen and TV room? Probably not. Striking a balance is critical.

Great movers help you set up your new home just how you want it, putting everything in the right place. To learn more, get in touch with Atlas today!

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