Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc.

About Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc.

Mabey’s Moving & Storage, Inc., a Rensselaer moving company, is a full-service, family-owned and -operated mover. They were founded in 1957 and pride themselves on lasting relationships with customers. In addition to award-winning moving services, they have six secure self-storage locations in the Capital District.
The Rensselaer movers at Mabey’s Moving & Storage provide a full range of moving and storage services for individuals, families and companies.

  • Local and long-distance household moves
  • Military and government moves
  • International moves
  • Office & commercial moves
  • Records management services
  • Mobile storage on demand
  • Secure warehousing 36,000 sq. ft.
    • Military approved
    • Auto and boat storage
  • Six self-service storage locations

Operating Licenses

NYS DOT 623 | MDPU No. 015846

Albany Home Movers

Let our professional home movers help with your upcoming Albany move!

Choosing a local Albany moving company is the first decision you'll have to make when you move. Here are some major reasons why Mabey's Moving & Storage, located in Rensselaer, is your best option.

Flexibility for Local Albany Move or Long-Distance Move

Whether you’re moving from Albany to New York City, moving from New York to Florida, or moving overseas, Mabey's Moving & Storage will take you where you need to go, from one door to the next. Whether you're moving next door or across the globe, you'll receive the same superior customer service.

Click here to get an instant online quote for your Albany area move with Mabey's Moving & Storage.

Free, No-Obligation Albany Moving Estimate 

The first step in your Albany move is to find out how much it will cost. A representative from Mabey's Moving & Storage will help you survey all your belongings in your home and will be around to answer any questions you have about moving. Your representative will also go over your Albany moving schedule and give you tips about saving time and money on your move. You'll receive a moving quote from Mabey's Moving & Storage that's as accurate as possible for your Albany move.

Albany Movers Who Care

You can use the Atlas Customer Portal as your primary moving command for tracking your order, keeping track of your moving documents, and making a payment. When you have questions or need moving advice, you can reach out to your Mabey's Moving & Storage customer service representative (CSR).

Albany Small Move Specialists 

Make your small home move or apartment move easier with SimpliCity™. Ask us about our quick and efficient small moving services in Albany. We use our professional packing and loading services with simplified pricing to take your small move anywhere in the country, from door to door.

Professional Albany Packing and Loading

The professional Albany packers and movers at Mabey's Moving & Storage are well-versed in the best methods to keep your belongings from shifting in transit so they'll arive safely at their new destination. Want to do your own packing? Just ask us about our professional grade packing materials. We offer everything you need at competitive prices.

Once your shipment is in the hands of your professional van operator (PVO), they'll oversee your Albany movers loading your belongings to ensure that they're safe and secure during transit. The professional Albany moving team at Mabey's Moving & Storage is highly trained and experienced, placing them among the best Albany movers in the industry and making your move worry-free.

Protecting Your Goods

Professional packing and loading is important for securing your household goods, but if you want another layer of peace of mind, Mabey's Moving & Storage offers Full Value Protection (FVP). FVP is included in your estimate, and you'll be encouraged to take advantage of this affordable protection.

Get an Albany Moving Quote Today

Begin by getting an instant, online quote today. Or, contact Mabey's Moving & Storage today to schedule an in-home survey and estimate for your Albany move. We look forward to helping you go new places®.

Rensselaer Corporate Relocation

Our corporate relocation experts work to help your company thrive.

Service For Corporate Move Professionals 

As a corporate-relocation professional, you help people go new places® in their careers. When the path leads them to Rensselaer, count on Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. to enable a smooth transition. We understand relocation is important to the well-being of your employees and the productivity of your organization. Our corporate move specialists put people at ease and relieve their stress so they can settle in at home and focus at work.

Service for Corporate Transferees

As an employee about to embark on a corporate move in NY, you may have questions about what to expect. If your employer uses Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. for your relocation, we can answer your questions about the moving and storage benefits in your policy. If you are planning your own move, we are glad to help you through the process. A first step is to request an instant estimate—it will give you a good idea of the services and costs for making your Rensselaer move with Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc..

Industry Leadership in Corporate Moving

As an Atlas Agent, Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. shares a long tradition of leadership in corporate relocation. The annual Atlas Forum brings together our corporate customers and relocation professionals from all industries for networking and learning.  We hear from some of the world’s foremost figures across the spectrum of contemporary economic, cultural, and geopolitical topics.

Since 1968, the annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey has collected, analyzed, and published findings that reveal trends in relocation policies, domestically and globally. We are at the forefront of industry thinking, and we look ahead to stay in synch with the changing needs of transferees. We understand the vital role relocation policy plays in managing expectations and controlling costs. We follow your policy to the letter, always working to satisfy your employees and ensure fiscal accountability to your corporation. 

Making Lump Sum Moves Easy for Employees

For employees with a lump-sum benefit, moving to Rensselaer is easier than ever with Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc.. We can help your transferees get the most from a lump-sum benefit by helping them select services they need, quickly locate the best local providers, and manage their relocation budget to save money so you can count on them to relocate well and arrive at work as scheduled.

Atlas Tools that Make Corporate Relocation Efficient 

As a client of Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc., you have access to with its information and tools to make your job easier. You can see shipments in the Atlas dispatch system, know their status, and follow activity on claims.

With AtlasNet® Inventory, our representative enters shipment information electronically at the time of estimating, so the services and costs are immediately viewable. The Atlas Professional Van Operator uses an application called PVO Inventory to verify every item electronically as it is loaded onto the van for shipment. At delivery, the PVO checks items as they come off the truck to ensure all pieces are accounted for and delivered in the same condition as when they were loaded.

Global Move Management and Relocation Services

The Atlas network for corporate relocation extends from Rensselaer and around the world—with over 400 Atlas Agents in the U.S. and Canada and over 300 Atlas-approved service providers overseas.

Besides our moving and storage services, Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. connects your company to move management systems for better carrier performance. Based on experience in over a million moves, we audit, score, analyze, and report so you can achieve improved carrier performance. You see how to reduce overall moving costs and add value to your relocation programs.

Besides move management, our Atlas network includes professionals in relocation management.  From total optimization of your relocation benefits program to a la carte answers, we have the resources for you to gain better control over your relocation costs and achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Get More with Your Relocation Policy

If you move employees in Rensselaer, find out how Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. can help you get the results you expect, consistent with your policy. Contact us today.

Rensselaer Storage

Keep your belongings in our storage when you move.

Looking for “storage near me”? Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. answers for your move in NY. Choose the storage option that is best for you. No matter how much storage you need—or how long you need it—Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. keeps your goods safe and protected until you are ready to take them.

Vaulted storage

Our Rensselaer warehouse is fully containerized with locked storage vaults to keep goods safe. You can trust Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. with Rensselaer storage. Our warehouse meets or exceeds Atlas standards for security, cleanliness, and fire protections. Sofas and upholstered items are wrapped in plastic (stretch wrap) and stored on racks.

Home staging in Rensselaer

Take advantage of our Rensselaer warehouse for temporary storage when you de-clutter a home or stage it to sell. At Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc., our packers and movers can help you prepare your things for storage, pick them up and deliver them when you need.

Storage in transit (SIT)

In the process of making your Rensselaer move, you may need to protect your things for a while in our Rensselaer warehouse. Not a problem. We keep everything packed in their cartons and inside a secure vault until you are ready for delivery.

Long-term storage

When you need to store your belongings in Rensselaer for several months or longer, ask us about long-term storage options. Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. warehouses are flexible for you.

Storage in NY, across the U.S. and Canada, and overseas

With the Atlas network, Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. connects to authorized Atlas warehouses near and far. Whenever you go new places®, here or abroad, the assurance of Atlas quality storage is nearby.

Special storage services

Ask us about special storage requirements you may have: large or unusual items; climate-sensitive goods; watercraft, RVs, cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles; and self-storage options.

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Mabey's Moving & Storage, Inc. is ready to provide the storage you need in Rensselaer.