Move Green



At Atlas, we’ve made sustainability a priority. We understand the environmental impact of moving families and businesses around the globe, and we’re holding ourselves and our network accountable.

Through our Sustainable Agent Certification, every local Atlas mover will be asked to meet environmentally friendly standards. When they do, they’ll earn the certification, and every year, they will have to continue to prove that they’re reaching their targets to keep it. Sustainability is not a one-time effort. It’s an ongoing endeavor to protect our environment and empower our communities.

Here are some of the ways Atlas and its network are starting to make a difference.


Recycling our waste conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces landfill space and emissions, and so much more. That’s why Atlas movers make every effort to purchase materials from sustainable and responsible sources. And through the program, they must have a system in place to recycle all common mixed recyclables.

But it just starts there. Sustainable Atlas movers recycle everything from office equipment and electronics to tires and pallets, while working to reduce waste across their business.


It takes an estimated 2.5 gallons of water to produce one sheet of office paper, so Atlas does its part to conserve print resources. To save paper, we:
  • Print sales literature on recycled paper
  • Take advantage of document imaging
  • Engage in paperless billing
  • Invest in baling and bundling equipment to prepare paper wrap and boxes for recycling
We’ve established the Atlas World-Class Commitment Technology Standard to promote all of our movers using digital forms of communication, reducing paper and improving efficiency. With these standards in place, Atlas movers have computerized access to real-time information on every customer’s move.

We also ask our network to do their part by taking steps to conserve paper, which includes utilizing paperless inventory, surveying and billing, switching printers and copiers to double-sided settings, and encouraging a culture of paper-free operations.



Sustainability is not just about being more environmentally friendly. It’s also connected to the wellbeing of the communities and people around us. Atlas and its local movers engage in a number of activities with our communities, including acting as a Pacesetter for United Way, supporting Wounded Warrior Project® and Truckers Against Trafficking, or participating in local events such as food or clothing drives. You can find out more about our efforts in the Amplifier™.


Reducing fuel waste is our bottom line for environmental protection. That’s why we plan for every move by finding the most efficient routes for our trucks. Atlas and its movers take great measures to reduce fuel consumption along the way, such as: 
  • Simple vehicle maintenance
  • Setting fuel-efficiency goals and policies
  • Reducing idling
  • Instituting eco-driver training


At Atlas HQ, we’ve taken a number of steps to reduce our impact. From lighting reduction and increased use of LED lights to investing in new HVAC units, we’re consistently finding new ways to make our buildings more efficient.

Our network of movers have also taken steps to improve energy efficiency in their offices and warehouses. Some examples include basic steps like installing automatic lighting or utilizing Energy Star® appliances. Some go as far as using photovoltaic solar panels to provide enough clean, renewable energy to illuminate and cool an entire building and sell a surplus back to the local utility.

To support clean waterways, Atlas uses biodegradable soap and closed vehicle wash systems. Water capture, retention and testing ensure purity before release. Double-hulled tanks safeguard in-ground fuel supplies.