Learning Session Descriptions


Professional Van Operators: Driving Business Success on 18 Wheels
Hear first-hand from front-line professionals as they discuss their experiences as small business leaders working to be profitable while putting their best foot forward for customers. Listen to their views on topics that are currently shaping the industry, including the challenges of managing moves, dealing with unforeseen circumstances, and other compliance and industry regulations that affect Professional Van Operators today.
(Moderated by: Jeff Schimmel, Atlas Van Lines, Inc.)

Accountable Sustainability for a Brighter Future
Sustainability and environmental responsibility are front and center, ranking among the most important topics across the board in today’s leading organizations. Join us in an exchange with our clients and hear their perspectives regarding initiatives they are seeing in their organizations surrounding sustainable business practices. Learn more about the three dimensions or “pillars” of sustainability – environmental, economic, and social – and join us on this intriguing journey toward Net Zero.
(Moderated by: William Taylor, Relocity)


6 in 60
Shifting mobility priorities, talent shortages, supply chain implications, economic and process impacts… we are navigating through our new normal. A panel of mobility professionals weighs in on six of the latest trends and how they have impacted their programs, policies, and service delivery. Learn how your own program may be impacted and how to respond to these current topics.
(Moderated by: Mary Legate, Cornerstone Relocation Group)

Almost Perfect, but then…!
The Mobility world is full of ups, downs, and unique challenges which force us to prepare our programs and service delivery to meet the needs of every transferring family. As we’ve all seen, though, unexpected – and in some cases, catastrophic – situations occur. How do we respond in the course of the relocation in those instances? This session will expound upon these types of rare occurrences, dividing the attendees into teams for a fun, game-like discussion to determine "how to save the day" for the transferee(s).
(Moderated by: Heather Sheira, Edwards Lifesciences)

Lightning Talk Descriptions

Understanding the Road Ahead
The trucking industry faces a number of challenges from workforce development to increasing operational costs to threats of nuclear verdicts. ATRI President Rebecca Brewster will share the latest research findings from ATRI to help you navigate through the industry's top concerns. 

Speaker:  Rebecca Brewster, President & COO, American Trucking Research Institute

Immigration Law, Global Mobility, Reopening & Onboarding
Global mobility comprises many complex issues which continually evolve. Learn from an expert in immigration law who will highlight a few of the obstacles faced by international relocation today and educate you on how to identify pitfalls, set expectations, and remain dynamic to improve the relocation experience for transferees who are moving abroad. 

Speaker:  Mercedes Badia-Tavas, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP

The Bucket List
Covid. Remote work. The Great Resignation. Suez Canal. Inflation. Black Lives Matter. Sustainability. Ukraine. 

Our business is being rocked by geopolitical, economic, and social forces like never before. The Bucket List provides a way of organizing all that's happening into three buckets – The Workforce, The Supply Chain, and The Rules of the Road – and identifies how the global mobility community can work together to understand these forces, support each other, and shape the future of relocation. 

Speaker:  Lynn Shotwell, President & CEO, Worldwide ERC®