Learning Session Descriptions



Customer Service Excellence: The CSR Perspective
Hear first-hand from customer service professionals as they discuss all the ways they put their best foot forward for customers. Listen to their views on topics that are currently shaping the industry, including the challenges of managing moves, dealing with unforeseen circumstances, and ensuring each customer receives the highest level of service.

Relocation in the Era of High Real Estate Prices + High Interest Rates
During this dynamic discussion, experienced panelists will cover challenges presented by the recent real estate environment as well as opportunities that it presents. From creative ideas being introduced to entice transferees to make a move to hurdles that the audience wishes to brainstorm - every topic is fair game for this panel of subject matter experts.

One Size Does Not Fit All!
Join us for an engaging session and open dialogue about various types of mobility programs. Participants will discuss the pros and cons of having direct contracts with suppliers, having the RMC manage all suppliers, directing RMCs to use selected suppliers, or providing a lump sum to the transferee for their move. Hear from corporate mobility professionals from all sides of the aisle as they explore the user experience for each of these program options, including each model's advantages and disadvantages and what works best for their organizations.


Leading industry experts will present on a number of relevant topics. Expect to hear viewpoints and expertise on trends and issues facing the relocation industry, moving industry advocacy initiatives, immigration law and international relocation, the impact of remote work, effects of using AI in locating talent and facilitating moves, and more. Speakers for this session, listed below, are at the forefront of their fields and will provide valuable information to attendees based upon in-depth research, data, and extensive industry experience.

Ryan Bowley, Executive Director, American Trucking Associations Moving & Storage Conference
Ryan Bowley is the Executive Director of the ATA Moving & Storage Conference. As a government affairs and policy analyst, strategist, and lobbyist, Bowley is effective at establishing policy positions, developing agendas, and executing advocacy plans. Prior to joining MSC, Bowley has worked in government and public affairs at SC Johnson, BHP, the Petroleum Equipment & Services Association and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association after several years as a professional staffer on Capitol Hill.

Tejas Shah, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
As employers increasingly seek to hire and retain talented foreign national employees to maximize competitiveness, Tejas is empathetic to their needs and offers practical immigration law advice. He is committed to guiding employers of all sizes - across a diverse cross-section of industries, including finance, banking, education, transportation, and healthcare - in efficiently and economically sponsoring workers for permanent residency in the United States through Program Electronic Record Management (PERM) labor certifications and in multiple temporary visa categories, such as H-1B, O-1, E-2, R-1, E-3, and L-1.

Anupam Singhal, President & CEO, WERC
Anupam Singhal is a seasoned leader with a distinguished career as a growth investor, operator, and advisor. As recently appointed President & CEO of WERC (formerly known as Worldwide ERC), he brings a wealth of experience, strategic vision, and a proven track record of driving organizational excellence. 
With a strong commitment to advancing the interests of the talent mobility community, Anupam has played a pivotal role in shaping the direction and resurgence of WERC, having served on its board of directors from 2020 to 2023, including as Chairman and Interim CEO in 2023. He is recognized for his ability to navigate complex challenges, foster collaboration, and drive innovation in an ever-evolving business landscape.