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November 29, 2016

What and where to store during wintertime [Video]

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It's important to know what needs storage and where come wintertime.

For many animals, winter means time to hibernate. While most people won't be spending these cold months sleeping all day, there are nonetheless preparations to be made. Namely, storing certain belongings for the winter.

Since you won't need those swimsuits or cargo shorts until next summer, they can be stored away in a spare room or hall closet.

Any lawn equipment - like mowers or hedge trimmers - should go in the shed. That way, they won't be damaged by lower temperatures.

If you have any extra-delicate family artifacts - like priceless photos - it's a good idea to put these in protective sleeves once winter rolls around.

For those with multiple vehicles or recreational rides like an ATV or motorcycle, park them in the garage to avoid battery damage.

If you want to be sure your belongings are fully protected, consider leasing a professional storage space. Atlas Van Lines has over 300 such facilities nationwide, ensuring your items survive the winter in one piece.